Global Warming or Global Dying

Presentation: 1:00
Discussion: 1:30

Presentation Synopsis:

  1. 1982 Paper: Droughts forever.
  2. History of oil fields and downwind droughts
    1. US Dustbowls, 1930's, 1950's
    2. East African Drought: 1967 start, 1973-74 hiatus
    3. Others:
      1. US/Canadian Northwest: Prudhoe Bay and Ft. McMurray.
      2. US Southeast: Deep Water Wells
      3. Brazil
      4. Central Asia
      5. China
  3. Hurricanes for Dummies: Impact of CO2 on shape and formation
    1. 1970's versus today: Satellite images
    2. 2006, where did the Hurricanes go?
  4. Global Dying: Droughts/Floods, not warming, will kill us.
  5. Prediction:
    1. In 3-5 years, food chain will fail.
      1. Currently, food stocks at 25 year low and grain futures at record highs
      2. Currently, three of five world "bread baskets" (Australia, Argentina and Ukraine) have announced restrictions or bans on grain exports due to crop failures
    2. Within ten years, 90% of humanity will be dead from failure of the foodchain. Whether the other 10% will die depends on whether the previous 90% died from collapse of the social-economic order or from humanasia (pandemic euthanasia of most people.)
    3. If a global effort is not initiated to stop rising CO2, all life on earth will be dead in 25 years.

The Speaker: Bob Barnett