Alex Kummant
President and CEO

Dear Mr. Alex Kummant:

I have met many bad Amtrak employees. The amazing thing is that I have never met you but I think you are the catalyst for much of the bad within Amtrak for the following reasons:

  1. As a former Union Pacific Vice President with UP stock appointed by a former UP director with UP stock (Dick Cheney), you have a big conflict of interest especially in light of how you want to go back to UP after you turn Amtrak's revolving door.
  2. You set the tone. While some of Amtrak's bad employees would be bad with or without you, your actions are pushingm badness to a new level, your mockingbird glossy PR notwithstanding.
  3. CO2 implications. You are a gross CO2 sinner. If CO2 is gassing the planet like a global holocaust then you are not only a fascist but a Himmler or Eichman in your promoting energy waste and deterring efficient transportation.
  4. While you may be energy fascist, you are no Mussolini who is fondly remembered in Italy for making the trains run on time.
  5. In giving freight of foreign goods over American passengers, you are speeding up the destruction of American jobs. You are a traitor.
  6. Because of you, Amtrak employees ignoring tables being used for playing while discouraging passengers who want to work.

Given the bredth and depth of corruption within the Bush Administration, by appointment and association a Congressional investigation of your actions should be initiated.

  1. Despite promises of bringing business management skills to government, the Bushitters people hired for political allegiance not problem-solving ability, e.g., brownies and bagdaddies.
  2. People who will tow the party line rather than the line of reason and truth, e.g., former lobbyists atlering scientific reports.
  3. Your involvement in Rail Media is a classic case of bureaucratic fraud, waste and corruption with all the earmarks of the great rail financial scandal, Credit Mobilier.
  4. I have no doubt that the elimination of food services with the substitution of frozen dinners can be traced to big donors to the Republican Party, donors who are now selling the frozen dinners and meals to Amtrak.
  5. You are carrying on the conflicts of interest that have been inherent in Amtraks dynamics since its origin and de facto reparation payments that are strangling it--unfair, illegal indemnification of rail accidents.

America needs an energy-efficient, low-CO2 sinning transportation system. You are not the man for the job. One can only hope that President Bush throws his arm around your shoulder and says, "Kummi, you're doing a hell of job!"


An Amtrak Passenger