Intoning the voting hallmarks of old Tammany Hall and Windy City Chicago reveal remarkable similarities to Amtrak's train times:

  1. "Vote early and vote often" is be late early and be late often.
  2. "It is ok to vote often and it is ok to vote if you are dead, but don't vote often if you are dead." For Amtrak, "It is ok to be late often but you can't be late if you are not departed." The latter happens when a train is cancelled thus allowing Amtrak to claim the train was not late at its destination. It's like ballyhooing going to Mars when NASA can't get a shuttle launched. Amtrak
  3. At the end of the voting day, stuff the ballot box which is what Amtrak does with its Enron bookcooking of the time schedules by stuffing extra time at the end of the line is like stuffing the ballot box at the end of the voting day.

stuffing box

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