Dear Sir:

I encourage you to initiate a "Roads Scholar" rail concept. My communication to your Travel and Lifestyle editors details my using the 30-day North American Rail for lengthy travel, work and fun, e.g., "30 Days Around the World on Amtrak and VIA." The New York Times could and should sponsor a "Roads Scholar" project. The benefits to your newspaper, your employees, and our future are numerous. I am not wedded to "Roads Scholar"--Times Scholars sounds just as good.

The Times/Roads Scholar project will consist of an Amtrak/VIA train that follows a 28-day route for high school juniors/seniors to explore the heritage and highpoints of North America. With the internet, they will be able to keep up with their regular classes. At each stop, about 3% percentage of students will be replaced with new students. A thirty coach train of 70-passenger cars would have 2100 students with a  turnover of 70 students a day. Certain cities--NYC, LA, Miami, Vancouver, Toronto, Washington--will be designated  international transit for foreign students to enrich the value of the train to one and all. Students would be distributed across all cars not in just one. An attached overview expands on this simple summary.

Why should the Times add this to its.

  1. Environment
  2. World Peace, trite, but the participants are more likely to be future leaders than losers. Tolerance.
  3. On-going newsletters from students column--make it a select column Will draw readers as well as future riders.
  4. Corporate sponsors will underwrite part of the cost for having a car named after them.
  5. Expected cost will be between $

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