Student Road Scholar Tour

Each unit consists of one dome/coach and a coach car that seats about 120 without the 24 seats in the dome. This gives a ratio of 1:5 in use of dome seats. A simple algorthym can keep dome seats rotating.
Students College Non-Student Coach/Sleeper
Student Consist (dome/coach 120 1 unit (2 cars) 10 units
(20 cars)
1 unit
(2 cars)
1 unit
Daily $3k $30,000 $1000
30-Day Circuit $90k $900,000
Annual $1,080,000 $10,800,000

Roads Scholars: Overview  ..

  1. Expandability of trains: start with 15 cars.
  2. two trains going in reverse directions ... policemen getting on and off.
  3. Classroom Car: Split in middle, two classrooms ... Teacher takes students on trip.
  4. Sleepers: ?
  5. Roads Scholars of North American: corporate sponsors ... 60 seats ... swap on each car ... Middle-Class Roads Scholars ... Daily test/Presentations by students of the country: Japan, China, US, Canada, Mexico, So. America., Europe, Asia ... Asia ... cooking car ... Soups, Pizza, Dominos, ... menus: Cereal, soup, pizza, beans, ramen noodles, ... Loans for under-privilege students volunteer at a V.A. or ??
  6. Idea Student Summer Trip: meet people .... group of ten ... signup form ... get up at any point.
  7. While England has its Oxford Rhodes Scholars, a railpass-possessed, train-obsessed student can claim to be an roads scholar.
  8. Special cars: Shower car ... Berth car.
  9. Classroom car: Federal Express.
  10. Googol ... Microsoft.
  11. Security ... Free travel.
  12. People per segment

Rail Police:

ID tickets: make



  1. Hybrid Trains: Gaspe/Montreal ... Texas Eagle/Sunset Ltd
  2. Terminal Sleep: NOL

Eventually, dedicated train

Laundry Bags

Corporate Enablers ... Individuals

Price includes

  1. Bath/mess bucket: Car/Seat Number: Pickup and deposit every 5 days ...
  2. Neck rest, inflatable (ad),
  3. Bag for pillow (cloths coat)
  4. One Sheet, twin size


  1. Sleeping bag and twin sheet
  2. Coats bag
  3. One Sheet
  4. Optional


  1. Backing into stations, tampa, thompson
  2. Tours

Financial analysis:

Junior or Senior: Good grades, B or better if not working ... C or better if working ... violators sent home

Why the eastern leg of the Sunset Limited should be re-opened to Jacksonville.

  1. If freight lines can run mega-ton cars on the lines so can Amtrak run rail cars that weigh one-fifth the
  2. Beaumont, Texas: The party-line on is ... Beaumont has no infrastructure. If Amtrak can ask to little elderly ladies (Nettie and Rose) to stand for hours in desolation without facilities to wait for a train then ... Disgustingly, 1.5 hours --see

Security: US Marshall, State Troopers, Mace Assistants,

Single Ticket with itenary or Road Scholar

Why Cities should help: Influx of money spenders,

If you are not willing to suffer some of the deprivations of our young citizens fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, you will not have the right stuff from sole to soul to offer a whole response to human needs.


  1. 8 2 8 cleanup
  2. vacuum
  3. bathroom cleanup


  1. Breakfast 8am: Oatmeal or cereal
  2. Lunch: Ramen Noodles with veggies
  3. Supper: Sponsored Meals: Pizza, Subs, Burgers,
  4. Meals: Emailed


  1. Meals
  2. Lodging
  3. Cars: ?

Fine for trouble making: College Admission delayed a year.

Amtrak thruway can be used to travel to train stations, see map, green lines

Private Variations: half price/

  1. Richmond
  2. Memphis on last leg

Need to have Silver Star and Silver Meteor running out of synch, not in synch.

Lounge time limits--tables and chairs. Tables for lounges. Electrical outlets.

Passes for upgrading Amtrak cars

  1. Electrical outlets
  2. Toilet paper holders.

As train travel returns, the schedules can be be improved for time and fuel efficiency, e.g., running the Silver Service trains (Star and Meteor) out of synch rather than in-synch, e.g., leave 12 hours not 12 minutes.

Union or management demands that conflict with passenger service should be met with dismissal of management or union.

Allowable Items: No pillows ... inflatable ... sleeping bag ... earplugs ... white noise plugs

Starts in Chicago Guidelines

Steering Committee


  1. 84 students (1/3 foreign, 2/3 States and Canada) x $1000 + fees= $84,000 + fees
    1. Revenues per mile: $5.04 ($84,000/16,667)
    2. Discounted
  2. 120 writers (1st come first serve)
    1. Revenues: 120x$1500

Sleeping: Seat and floor: Remember camping ... remember troopers ... daily vote

  1. Seats Unidirectional
  2. Seats Alternating
  3. Stepping gingerly
  4. Rotation of positions

Contra Annotated References: Images ... Maps ... General
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