Amtrak Train Listing: 1-99
Last Update: April 14, 2007

Train Numbers 1 - 99
1 SUNSET LIMITED New Orleans SAS Los Angeles MoWeFr
2 SUNSET LIMITED Los Angeles SAS New Orleans SuWeFr
3 SOUTHWEST CHIEF Chicago KCY-ABQ Los Angeles Daily
4 SOUTHWEST CHIEF Los Angeles ABQ-KCY Chicago Daily
5 CALIFORNIA ZEPHYR Chicago DEN-SLC Emeryville Daily
6 CALIFORNIA ZEPHYR Emeryville SLC-DEN Chicago Daily
7 EMPIRE BUILDER Chicago MSP-SPK Seattle Daily
8 EMPIRE BUILDER Seattle SPK-MSP Chicago Daily
11 COAST STARLIGHT Seattle PDX-OKJ Los Angeles Daily
14 COAST STARLIGHT Los Angeles OKJ-PDX Seattle Daily
19 CRESCENT New York WAS-ATL New Orleans Daily
20 CRESCENT New Orleans ATL-WAS New York Daily
21 TEXAS EAGLE Chicago STL-DAL San Antonio Daily
22 TEXAS EAGLE San Antonio DAL-STL Chicago Daily
27 EMPIRE BUILDER Chicago MSP-SPK Portland, OR Daily
28 EMPIRE BUILDER Portland, OR SPK-MSP Chicago Daily
29 CAPITOL LIMITED Washington PGH-CLE Chicago Daily
30 CAPITOL LIMITED Chicago CLE-PGH Washington Daily
42 PENNSYLVANIAN Pittsburgh   New York ExSu
43 PENNSYLVANIAN New York   Pittsburgh Daily
44 PENNSYLVANIAN Pittsburgh   New York Su
48 LAKE SHORE LIMITED Chicago CLE-ALB New York Daily
49 LAKE SHORE LIMITED New York ALB-CLE Chicago Daily
50 CARDINAL Chicago IND-CIN-WAS New York TuThSa
51 CARDINAL New York WAS-CIN-IND Chicago SuWeFr
52 AUTO TRAIN Sanford, FL   Lorton, VA Daily
53 AUTO TRAIN Lorton, VA   Sanford, FL Daily
54 VERMONTER Washington NYP-SPG St. Albans, VT SaSu
55 VERMONTER St. Albans, VT SPG-NYP Washington ExSaSu
56 VERMONTER Washington NYP-SPG St. Albans, VT ExSaSu
57 VERMONTER St. Albans, VT SPG-NYP Washington SaSu
58 CITY OF NEW ORLEANS New Orleans MEM-CDL Chicago Daily
59 CITY OF NEW ORLEANS Chicago CDL-MEM New Orleans Daily
63 MAPLE LEAF New York ALB-NFL Toronto Daily
64 MAPLE LEAF Toronto NFL-ALB New York Daily
66 REGIONAL Newport News WAS-NYP-PVD Boston Daily
67 REGIONAL Boston PVD-NYP-WAS Newport News Daily
68 ADIRONDACK Montreal ALB New York Daily
69 ADIRONDACK New York ALB Montreal ExSaSu
71 ADIRONDACK New York ALB Montreal SaSu
73 PIEDMONT Raleigh   Charlotte Daily
74 PIEDMONT Charlotte   Raleigh Daily
78 REGIONAL Newport News   Richmond Fr
79 CAROLINIAN New York WAS-RVR-RGH Charlotte Daily
80 CAROLINIAN Charlotte RGH-RVR-WAS New York Daily
82 REGIONAL Richmond WAS-NYP-PVD Boston Sa
83 REGIONAL Boston PVD-NYP-WAS Newport News Fr
84 REGIONAL Richmond WAS New York ExSaSu
85 REGIONAL New York WAS Richmond ExSaSu
86 REGIONAL Richmond WAS-NYP-PVD Boston ExSaSu
87 REGIONAL New York WAS Richmond Su
88 REGIONAL Richmond WAS-NYP-PVD Boston SaSu
89 PALMETTO New York WAS-CHS Savannah Daily
90 PALMETTO Savannah CHS-WAS New York Daily
91 SILVER STAR New York WAS-RGH-TPA Miami Daily
92 SILVER STAR Miami TPA-RGH-WAS New York Daily
93 REGIONAL Boston PVD-NYP-WAS Richmond MoTuWeTh
94 REGIONAL Newport News WAS-NYP-PVD Boston ExSaSu
95 REGIONAL Boston PVD-NYP-WAS Newport News ExSaSu
97 SILVER METEOR New York WAS-CHS Miami Daily
98 SILVER METEOR Miami CHS-WAS New York Daily
99 REGIONAL Boston PVD-NYP-WAS Newport News SaSu

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