Corporate Sponsors of

  1. Corporate Seats for two: adults or children ride free on each car.
  2. Annual extra car with sponsors getting a percentage of the seats to assign to employees who want to take one of the segments.
  3. Advertising:
    1. Each students ticket has a car assignment, e.g., corporation,
    2. A monthly contest for students to compete for a free seat on each train. The internet-based contest will be like a spelling bee in which students spell out how they would solve the problems of our country. The theme will change each month.
    3. If an energy company
    4. If a rail company
    5. If a national retail (food, grocery) the ...
  4. Everytime the train stops in a city, the cars will attract attention with the corporate sponsors
  5. The cost if far less than sponsoring a television event or naming a sports venue after a corporation.
  6. Areas of Corporate sponsorship

These are some of the obvious advantages.