Mails on Rails

Local vendors currently providing food.

Eliminate Cafe Car Attendants
Greater Varities of food
Eliminate Spoiled food and waste .. prepaid using credit cards
Lounge Cafe car for eaters 7-9, 11-1, 5-7 No computer... eliminate seat. Self-policing, one notice then deboarding.
Essential that trains run on time which requires on a single act of congress:

  1. CO2 sinning, freight versus passengers
  2. Dispatchers: Late then one day suspension without pay
    1. One train late, one day suspension
    2. Two trains late in 30 days then 30 days suspension
    3. Three trains late in one year, loss of job.
  3. Dispatchers are like the
  4. Start with lunches

Regional Dishes served, no universal, standard