Railers Are Not Rail Passengers

A Railer is a rail passenger who maximizes rail passes for extensive, cheap traveling. While you can buy a Rail just for train traveling, a smarter Railer buys a pass for a necessary trip, e.g., business or funeral, in which a plane ticket would be as much or more. What does a last minute flight from the East Coast to the Midwest cost? For a lower price, you can leave the night or day before on a Rail and then have three or four weeks/weekends of free travel. If you Rail instead of fly for a funeral, be sure to toast the deceased each time you use the Rail for without their demise you would be at home.

One could do three or four weekend loops with a Rail purchased for other pressing needs. Imagine relaxing travel with wine, women and song without the hassle of gas gouging and road raging. If you have a friend or spouse, it would be a way to do new things as a chicken traveler--cheap, cheap, cheap. Depending on your annual vacation allotment, you could do one or two nine-vacations on a Rail.

There are numerous uses for Railes from the overnighter to the 28-day tours: Student, Writers North, Writers South, Around the World. Short trips are boomerangs. In between are the nine-day vacations. Before taking a nine-day rail vacation, you should first test yourself on a few weekenders. Remember bring your own food as if you were camping out and bring your motion sickness/sleeping medication.

From anyplace in the VIA/Amtrak system, one can travel and fro to anyplace with one or more days of vacation at the destination:

  1. Extremes: 9-days (Note if you live along the route, you can have more two more days on the beach for each day of travel saved.)
    1. Vancouver-Miami ... 4 days to and fro with one day on the beach. For more days on the beach, add days to the travel.
    2. Halifax to LA
    3. Churchill, Manitoba: Polar bears in Winter, Beluga whales in summer
      1. LA via SF, Seattle, Vancouver, Jasper, Winnipeg
      2. Miami via Jacksonville. Washington, NYC, Toronto, Winnipeg
      3. Philadelphia via Pittsburgh, Chicago, MPLS, Grand Forks, Bus, Winnipeg
      4. New Orleans via Memphis, Chicago, MPLS, Grand Forks, Bus, Winnipeg
      5. San Antonio via DFW, Little Rock, St.Louis, Chicago, Minneapolis,Grand Forks, Bush, Winnipeg
    4. New Orleans:
      1. Vancouver via Seattle, MPLS, Chicago
      2. Vancouver via S.F., L.A. SAS, Ugly Hole (aka Beautiful Mountain aka Beaumont, TX)
    5. God's Must Sees: As a good Muslim must make a hadj to Mecca, America has three must sees of which one is man-made: Grand Canyon-River Walk-Niagra Falls
      1. Canadian #1:
        1. Vancouver via SF, LA, Grand Canyon, LA, San Antonio (River Walk), DFW, Chicago, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver (map)
        2. S.F.
      2. Niagara Falls vi
      3. River Walk
    6. Orlando (If you must, figure the times yourself)
  2. Weekend loops:

A good Railer would do at least a nine-day vacation on the Rail. Take five days of vacation straddled by two weekends for a total of nine days. Using hostels, one can have a vacation for a few hundred dollars. In addition, one could easily include one or two three day short-distant visits to places of interest without spending a dollar on gas or encountering road rage or boredom. Flotillas
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