Return Home Options

At the end of the Continental Tour, New Orleans is the best city for passengers to initiate their return home trip.

  1. City of New Orleans: Return to the Upper Midwest
  2. Sunset Limited: Return to the West Coast
  3. Crescent: Return to the East Coast

One can of course return via Chicago by connecting there to an eastbound or westbound. For eastern Canadian travelers, the Crescent or City of New Orleans will be the fastest trains home. For central Canada, use the Empire Builder from Chicago to Winnipeg via a bus from Grand Folks, ND. For Western Canada, one can use either

  1. the Sunset Limited to Los Angeles with the Coast StarLight to Vancouver, or
  2. the Empire Builder to Seattle with the Cascades or Buses to Vancouver.

The Student Tour does not have a return home option since it is constantly picking up and depositing students. Flotillas
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