November 16, 2006

Service Master:

Thank you for your consideration and service in making a personally and professionally trip even more enjoyable--see Fall 2006 Trip and Spring 2006 trip. How many passengers have a copy of the original Amtrak Consists? (Please return it.) I'm hoping that you can assist me one more time, that is, a train switch as the VIA#1 and VIA#2 pass each other --see tentative transfer description.

If I don't have the pleasure of skipping from train to train, it will not affect my high regard for VIA and its personnel. Ah, what a memory and story, two continental trains pausing, without a loss in real time, to let a train-loving eccentric writer add spice to his "30 Days around the world" journey. Enclosed are several items which hopefully will balance the scales in my favor if they are equally balanced.

As you know I am on a "Around the World in 30 days on Amtrak and VIA"--see outline of proposed article which I will shop to NY Times first. I am a big proponent of rail transit for many reasons. The most important reason how a packed airline puts 3,500 pounds of CO2 in the atmosphere for each passenger flown from New York City to Los Angeles. A packed train of fifty years ago would put less than 10% of this CO2 amount in the atmosphere. As global warming, actually global dying, becomes the central concern of greater numbers of people, the tax on private vehicle and airline passenger mileage will double or triple the cost of tickets.

  1. Train Schedule
  2. Resume
  3. 1982 paper on global CO2 (1st Page)
  4. 2000 paper Global CO2 (1st Page)
  5. Manheaven Project (1st Page)
  6. Amtrak Consist (Please return)
  7. Paragraph on VIA transfer.

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