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  1. [?] Motown is no mo. Can buy a house cheaper than a car in Detroit.
  2. [NewOrleans] 'Riding on the City of New Orleans. Illinois Central Railroad #9" is as far as I got before being threatened with ejection if I kept singing.
  3. Cincinnati
  4. Reno
  5. Before Jet Blues was rail road blues. Where's Mussolini when we need him.
  6. [TX] At the little stone mission in San Antonio on the banks of the Trinity River where the battle for Texas independence was first fought, divorced Texas women remember the source of their independence by crying, "Remember the alimony."
  7. [EOL]

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  1. 070525: Miami: Sunrise, Sunset, South Beach is hard to beat. Never forget the first time I saw a deformed person lying on the beach--"Bob, not polite to stare" I said as I quickly averted my eyes. At the 3rd deformity I realized that it was a topless beach of ladies lying on their backs.
  2. 070427 My highly functional geek vest and bush hat often prompts, "Hey, Crocodile Dundee" to which I respond, "No, crack a joke yankee."
  3. 070428 Most Amtrak trains are late which is a variation of Chicagoans who vote early and vote often. For Amtrak, be late early and be late often.
    Chicago: Vote Early and Vote Often
    Amtrak: Be Late Early and Be Late Often
  4. 07429 Ride a rocking passenger train to walk like a drunken sailer and write like a dentist. Once again, why is the Brooklyn Bridge always for sale? Brooklyn dentist make cheap bridges.
  5. 070430 [? Dog] Heard too often: You know what I mean? No, failure on your part to get an education does not constitute a responsibility on my part to think for you.
  6. 070501 "When I first saw you, I thought you would be a problem," said the conductor. "But after watching you for five minutes, I realized you were eccentric as hell!"
  7. 070502 "Middle of Nowhere" Widing the wells weminds me of my severe childhood speech impediment when, like "R"-missing Elmer Fudd, I said the little wed wabbit went wunning acwoss the wellwoad twack. Early on I learned to say woman's pocketbook instead of woman's purse.
  8. 070503 Wanting to be more than an absentee husband with bad jokes, I decided to be Cathy's alarm clock by calling at 4:59am, a minute earlier than her ding-ding. What did she say?  "Bob, thx, but it's Sunday morning."
  9. 070504 Universal Remote Dog Trainer: Most men are born dogs. Whether we go to a dog show or a dog pound depends on how well you gals housebreak us. Good luck! bob
  10. 070505 Tx - alimony
  11. 070506 NOL - city of new orleans
  12. 070507 Atlanta - Nascar
  13. 070508 DC - ??
  14. 070509 chicago - again
  15. 070510 End card -

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