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As a result of recent treatment by Canadians, I am alienated.

  1. On my third 30-day North American Railpass this year, I passed through Toronto (April 19) where I left luggage at the baggage center with the intention of retrieving on the return trip. I have been into Canada several times in the last year.
  2. After traveling on the Oceans to eastern Canada, I was returning to Toronto when I was told in Montreal that indians were blocking the tracks to Toronto. I asked what would happen to my tagged baggage. I was told that it would be held for 90-days before being disposed of.
  3. When I was returning to Toronto from Chicago via Detroit, I was denied entry in Windsor. The rudeness of my treatment by Canadian border guards prompted me to swear never again to visit Canada.
  4. When I returned to Richmond, Virginia, USA, I focused on the medical conditions that contributed, in part, to my taking a last minute 30-day railpass: rapidly accelerating PSA levels along with markers indicating possible colon cancer. The further tests in May including a clonoscopy showed the precursors of abnormal growth in the prostrate but no colonic metastasis.
  5. On May 23 (day 34, not day 91), at about 8pm, I called the Toronto baggage room where I talked with "Joel," the evening supervisor. He said he had tried to call me a week before and that he did not know where my luggage was. My telephone records and recorder do not have such a call.
  6. Joel told me he would have the baggage room supervisor, Andre, call me the next day by 9am. I did not receive a call.

Alienated? Yes, I am. The luggage included the winter parka of my dead favorite brother who was my best friend, a keepsake that I indented to return to his son when he became of size and age. One cannot put a price on such a possession but animosity will do.

I would like to know what happened to my luggage. I would also like a copy of the text in your computers that not only prompt my continually being selected out for special interrogation but entry denial in Detroit. If I was a homeless, useless person, you could send me a form letter and I would forget it. I am a scatalogical memorializer of detail who does not forget alienation. If this matter is not resolved to my satisfaction, should any of my products have commercial value in Canada, a stipulation of my selling the product rights will be no sales in Canada. If I had a cure to cancer it would be denied to Canadians for some Canadians have denied and alienated me.

To whom it may concern:

During April-May 2007, I was on a Amtrak/VIA 30-day North American Railpass. Going from Vancouver to Gaspe, I passed through Toronto with the intention of returning to the US through Toronto to Niagara Falls. I left an unnecessary luggage at the baggage service in the Toronto train station with some personal items including a dead brother, best friend parka.

Coming west on VIA from Gaspe, I was told in Montreal that the train tracks were blocked by Indians protesting Canadian policies. Wanting to avoid any potentially dangerous situation, I went south from Montreal into New York. I scheduled a return trip from the West Coast via Chicago, Detroil and Windsor to Toronto to pick up my luggage. Unfortunately, at 11pm in Windsor, the border guards thought this old, retired businessman who has been in Canada at least ten times in the last few years was apparently a terrorist. At 11pm when I was expecting to find lodging in Windsor, I am asked all kinds of repetitive, insulting questions. In particular when I told them I was writing a freelance article about train travel, they wanted to see my creditials and to know who I worked for. After the fourth interrogator, I said that they were being rude. At this point the boarder guard called his supervisor who repeated the question, "Who was I freelancing for?" I said the word freelance means that I don't work for anyone like the origin of the work, a knight with a lance that was not sworn into the service of a feudal lord. I said as much to the supervisor who assumed a cute voice to say, "Well, we Canadians are not as smart as you Americans." My response was that I had not found intelligence lacking in Canadians except for the border guards. At this point, the supervisor told the guard to bar my entry into Canada. At this point the supervisor said to me, "If you are so intelligent how come you don't know how to cross a border?" I have crossed many borders but never been so insulted. If crossing into Canada requires kissing someone's chocolate factory, Canada is not worth the visit.

Because I have had health concerns and am working 24-7 on a project related to global warming--one of the reasons for a railpass--I have not been able to focus on retrieving my luggage. I was originally told that the luggage would be kept for 90 days after which it would go to lost and found. In communication with the baggage handlers, I am told that some of my luggage is missing. Since the only people in the baggage room are baggage handlers, some employee of VIA must have stolen my luggage if some is missing.

In summary, I think VIA personnel in Toronto should ask fellow employees to return my missing luggage. Since it was Canadians who prevent my original, timely return to Toronto--TWICE--I think the simplest solution is for VIA personnel to put it on the Amtrak Adirondack with a destination of Richmond, VA, Staple's Mill Station. This is what Amtrak did when they removed some luggage by accident in Wilmington, DE. They just checked it to Richmond.

If it is the case VIA wants to charge me by shipping UPS, please so do. Ship ground, not air. Clearly, I don't need a parka in the middle of a hot summer. One benefit to a courier service is my having additional memorialized documentation of the events.


Robert S. Barnett
3600 Anne Street
Richmond, VA 23225
804 233-7541

P.S. Please leave a message on the above recorder when the luggage has been shipped indicating the mode of shipment.

Canadian border guards and gestapo uniforms are like signs that say drug free zone or gun free zone. If drugs are illegal, than all zones are drug free-zones. These drug-free zone signs are the "wink, wink, nod, nod" of "don't ask, don't tell" which encourage the action if you don't do it here or there. Like wise with gun-free zones. The problem is not guns but imbalanced people who use guns without regard to signs or sins. The money for "wink, wink ... nod, nod" signs would be better spent on counseling programs. These signs are political scraps thrown to the silent majority of funny mentalists who think a sign is the solution to a problem. Likewise with Canada's black fascists uniforms.

Canada does not want me to be part of its economic and political freedom so, quid pro quo, I don't want Canada part of my economic and political freedom, that is, the Manheaven Project. When Canada is interesting in joining the Manheaven Project for the benefits thereof, Canada's fascist prime minister can in a press conference request my conditions for correcting past insults.

  1. Border Crossing Hassle
  2. Personal possessions being damaged and denied
  3. Failure to respond to a prior request for correction.
  4. Theft of