Experts Are A Waste Of Time

As of 2006, timism is a project of one score and fifteen years. It has involved its originator in researching and learning the information of the basic schools of thought on the needs and necessities of life. To integrate the diversity of information to reveal the periodic table of existence was to require language surgery (creation, removal and plastic) which inherently places the carpenter building the table of existence outside the worksheds of careerists in those fields. With this caveat in mind, it is a waste of time to discuss timism with people in those fields.
  1. If they are right then I would be wasting their time.

  2. If they are wrong then I would be wasting my time.

An abundance of data is available to build timism without resorting to human discourse an discord. And, with the implementation of brainbees, one can receive greater information in a smaller unit of time on any subject.

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