I am ...

I am a timistic moralist.

I believe in the morality of more time

I believe in integrating a knowledge of existence from physis through politics to optimize the creation of time.

I believe the creation of time is the meaning of life.

I am not

  1. a socialist,
  2. a communist,
  3. a marxist, or, worse,
  4. a religious nut.

I am a "democratic capitalist," timistic twins in politics and economics.

  1. I believe in capitalism per capita rather than capitalism for a fewer few (decapitalism).
  2. I believe in democracy per diem rather despotism for eternity.

I am not a conservative simpleton nor a liberal simpleton.

  1. I am a conservative liberal who wants
    1. to conserve the problem-solving process that work, and,
    2. to liberate us from the activities that do not work.