Million Dollar Smiles

Would you stop someone from smiling for a million dollars? For all the money in the world? Your answer tells a lot about you as a human being and about your morality. Consider the following:

  1. If you will keep someone from being happy for money then you are legitimizing others keeping you from smiling for money. This laissez-faire policy was at the core of the Nazi's Final Solution for Jews.
  2. Will we have more time as a group and as individuals if we engage in a rule-of-the-jungle, might-makes-right based on valuing money over the quality of human time?
  3. Would a million dollars make you happy? If you are not happy where you are at in your life then a million dollars won't make you happy any more saying that you could swim if you had an  olympic size pool rather than your neighborhood park pool filled with riffraff. An unhappy person having all the money in the world would be like quadraplegic thrown into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean during a record low pressure system.
  4. Money is power. Power that does not solve problems brings harm to the impotent power-holders. An unhappy, poor problem-solver is a poster kid for an individual unable to use personal power to solve personal problems for personal happiness. In a world groaning from rising levels of problems, money and power for impotent time-managers is a death sentence. Look at the "emigrates" exiting Iraq. Only the people with money can exit Iraq, not the poor working wage-earner. The people with the money have not used their money to solve the problems of Iraq. Not only are the running from the problems, but as wage-takers taking their money out of Iraq, they are not only guilty of mis-using power and money in running from the problems of Iraq but they are the people who caused the problems in the first place. Iraq's wage-takers sucked up to Saddam and to Occupiers.

In summary, if you would take a million dollars to deny a smile, you don't deserve to smile or frown, just to die.

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