The Rising Wrath of the One, True God

In the Bible, God exiled Adam and Eve for stealing from the Tree of Knowledge. Modern humanity has not only stolen from the Tree of Knowledge but has cut down the Tree, replacing it with a grove of Greed, Ignorance and Lies.

Not content with destroying the Tree of Knowledge, modern man has trashed the Garden of Eden for which exile is not an adequate punishment. God is visiting upon humanity a rising storm of fires and floods that will make the Holocaust seem like a Sunday picnic. Part of God's punishment are moronic idiotic liars who mislead and lay waste to those who shed His Grace for greed. The Enddays will not be lies of the moneytheists who mangled and maimed the messages.

As the storm rages ever more intensely, people will envy those who died first by their own hand. Only existential sadists will find joy in hell on earth. Global warming, global dumbing and global dying are the great equalizers, for all will be punished and the sins of the fathers will be visited upon the offspring. No innocent victims exist where ignorance reigns supreme.