Values of Bob

Bob values

  1. existence
  2. living
  3. thinking
  4. capitalism
  5. democracy
  6. Americanism


  1. I value existing because the non-existing can and do value nothing.
  2. I value living because it opportunes the time to create the the time necessary to exist.
  3. I value thinking because it allows for better problem-solving to live better.
  4. I value capitalism because it rewards the individual head (capita) for being a problem-solver, not problem-causer.
  5. I value democracy because it organizes people to solve their problems, beginning with the biggest problem per capita.
  6. I value the principle of America because it was founded on words that proclaimed the principles of democracy and capitalism for more time.

In other words, I value

  1. Spinbarism
  2. Catan
  3. Mentality
  4. Ecos Nomos
  5. Politeness
  6. Morality


  1. For all the money in the world, I will not deny another person an earned smile or an earned laugh.
    1. Why?
  2. I won't eat at a restaurant where the cost of the meal is greater than the value of one lifehour.

One will know more if one is unknown. Known people know less than  the unknown. Known people know little of the truths, e.g., television hosts. They know the what muddies the rivers of life each day but they do not know the rivers of existence.

Happiness: I would not accept all the money in the world to deny another person an earned moment of happiness. Why?

  1. It would be a theft, a theft of time, of earned happiness.
  2. Preamble to the Declaration of Independence.
  3. Head or heart akin to a person living in a city with average number of blackswho says, "I am not a racist"but has black friends.

Smiles and laughter: As I would not trade another's smile or laugh  for all the money in the world nor would i trade something more valuable than a laugh: The joyful moment when I know I have prompted another to smile or laugh. Flotillas
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