Integrity of Intellect and Intelligence

If one accepts the concept and applicability of Rate of Integration (ROI) for mental processing then it is a small step to accepting iCube: Integrity of Intellect and Intelligence. Intelligent Quotients (IQ's) supposedly show a person's intelligence. One's iCube combines the IQ concept with the nature/nuture issue of one's value as a human being.

One's intellect is one's raw intellectual capacity which varies not only from person to person but within a person in reflection of the various biorhythms: alimentary, daily, monthly and annual. One's intellgence is the information that one accumulates from experinces as stored in memories. Some pretty dumb people can do some pretty smart things if they are over-achievers who do not quit. Vice versa, prisons have many geniuses who are weeds in the human garden of life.

It is in society's interest to promote positive experiences so that all citizens contribute rather than drain the society. This statement raises a question which leads into the encompassing concept of "dynamic density:" What is a positive experience? Readers can of course offer their own variation of this question, e.g., good life, productive life, or moral life.

The answer is all cases is simple: The basis and purpose of life is to create time. If we do not create time then we will die. This time factor is the why Timism is called the morality of more time because time is the thread in the fabric of life.

Thus, all experiences, entities, information, intelligence, individual etc., can be quantified in whether it creates or cancers time. This distinction brings the dicussion to a vary important topic that bears on society's ability to sustain troops wounded in body and/or in spirit. If a society encourages human cancers then there will be less resources to support the troops.

What is a human cancer? Consider how the cost of humanity to Mother Nature has two parts: The cost of living and the cost of lying. The former is the amount of time we must spend each day to have the necessities to live another day. (Funny numbers on funny paper do no matter--see lifehours.) The latter is the time we waste lying to ourselves about the importants of our wants. Our attics, basements, garages and yards are full of former lies for which in many cases we are still paying including a mega-house we did not need and cannot afford.

The time we spend solving the real problems of life's necessity is work. The time wasted on passing wants and lies is wasted time. The former is the work ethic and the latter is the waste ethic. Problem-solvers work hard while players waste hard. The more time a country wastes at lies, wants and play the the less time it has for solving the real problems of survival. America does not work anymore because we play, play, play--see SOTU.

The discussion on the cost of humanity and eithics of work/waste has bearing on veterans PTSD because the national, state and local politicians are pulling the plug on veterans spending. Vets will find themselves increasingly on their own which might be good. Good? Yes, because the V.A. and military understanding on PTSD is counterproductive.

Like the Fed's quantitative easing, it would be best to put vets on a weaning program of stimulants with the counseling concept espoused below. As is, the V.A. is prescribing anti-depressants which are making the ROI gap greater and making memory closure harder for vets suffering PTSD. The V.A. is acting like the Fed in 1929 when it initiated a program of monetary deflation leading to a economic depression which in vets has been a program of memory deflation leading to emotional depression.

One's intellect as part of one's iCube is a gift of Mother Nature and how one treats one's body. One's intelligence component is the information one processes, good or bad. For more information on iCube, visit: ...

Of interest to some readers will be how one can construct a cube with intellect on one plane, intelligence on another and sensory input on the third from whence one pidgeon hole all human mental and emotional condition.