[Incomplete, twitter cavegarden for heads up ... target date is end of March]

This order form will be instituted for the 2014 season if need is apparent. 2013 was started too late for sufficient demand to warrant bulk purchases. Purchase needed items on-line since on-site purchases are hard to find.

Basic items to order: These items will be good for years if you safely store in the winter to prevent freezing.

  1. Timer ... backflow preventer.
  2. Dripline: Depends on your garden as to spacing. With drip you can place plants closer together so you get three plants in the space of two per the suggestions on seed packets. (Remember to build a cave if the plant is a vine that grows and grows to avoid a dreadlock garden.)
    1. 1/2" hose can be run for 500 ft to 700 ft. ... The average plant for cave gardening has a suggested plant spacing of 18" to 36" with 24" being the average. With drip irrigation and increased sun exposure, two foot emmitter distance will work without a noticeable loss of production.
    2. 1/4" hose can only be run for 15ft (6" emitters) to 20ft (9" emitters) to 25ft (12" emitters). Unlike plants intended for cave growth, plants using the 1/4" tubing should be spaced according to directions.
    3. You can run individual emitters for large plants, e.g., bushes. Trees can be circled. Tubing is best for vegetables in rows.

Twitter Cavegarden for a heads up.

Drip Irrigation Order Form

?$ Part Description
1/2 hose with 2 ft drippers for cave
  1. Basic 8'x8'
  2. Basic 8'x8' with angle
  3. Each additional 8' length
1/4  hose and fittings
Water control devices
in-line fertilizer (need bucket under it)

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