The below tomatos came from a 12 foot by 25 ft tomato cave that had 50 indeterminant plants, some of which grew almost 30 feet in length with a new cluster every nine to twelve inches.

This picture conveys why a cave garden is better than the urban sprawl of land hugging vines that ends up looking like and deserving of the name "dreadlock" gardening.

One can see why over 50% of the tomatos were given away. A separate 40 ft by 12 feet patch contained 60 determinants which were used for canning tomato salsa, sauce and juice. Drip irrigation allows a greater density of plants with higher productivity per square foot. Remember, Drip or Skip.

  1. Why you should have a variety of tomato plants via a Seeding Bee.
  2. Not as many, but sure is pretty.
  3. Variety may be the spice of life--but tomato variety is spicier.
  4. Dollar tomato

  5. A Cave Tomato with a good friend who likes cooking fried green tomatos for his sweetie.
  6. Karate Kid

  7. Some tomatos are aggressive requiring a judo chop.

  8. Foursome of wholesome--see how easy cave gardening makes it to find and pick your goodies.
  9. Aggressive, Marauding Butternut Plant
  10. Smoked peppers before grinding and pickling ... yum, yum ... wished I had not given away several pints!
  11. The Anne Street Sweet Potato Queen
  12. The Anne Street Eggplant Lover

  13. A perplexed visitor
  14. Alex, a summer helper from Siberia, who gave me a lot of gardening advice he learned from his grandfather.
  15. Fresh Tomatos on Christmas, 2012
  16. Fresh Tomatos, Still Juicy New Years Day, 2013

People: Abraham Lincoln said that one would measure his life in the relationships he had with other people. The Anne Street garden has been a personal Grand Central Terminal whereat many people were directly and indirectly (both immediately and belatedly) an accumulated cornucopia of joy.

How many times have you had people stop to tell you that you have a great garden or told you that they started a garden because of seeing your garden? More amazing are the people who knocked on the door to convey the same. Crudely, but truly, give up the dollardumb shop-till-ya-drop for the joy of pennywise grow-till-ya-glow.

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