Pipehenge describes a corny sequence of the author playing with some black 4-inch corrogated drain pipe which he intended to use to a make a passive solar heater like his solar shades. Because other home projects kept requiring the drain pipe to be moved, he put them on posts that had once been flag poles (until people started stealing the flags in the night).

After a few days, the pipes reminded him of Stonehenge in England so he posted a reference sign.

Like the garden as a whole which had become well-known to many passerbys, Pipehenge elicited many responses from people standing, cars stopping and cameras popping. One couple visiting from Washington, DC, even knocked on the door to compliment the homeowner on Pipehenge.

A week letter, a onery thought entered his mind as conveyed in the following re-arrangement and new sign which reads, "Ah ... Life is Good."

Amusement and laughter was had by many friends and acquaintances when I said, in jest, that I was amazed by the number of girls knocking on the door asking if I was thinking of them.

One bad joke deserves another so the progression, regression, or descension continued with the next sign.

Getting into the spirit of Valentines Day, a new variation of pipes was created.

A pre-planting sign was posted with a double visual pun.

Do you get it?

In hopes of bringing a smile to the heart of a small neighborhood boy who is one of the "King of the Cutes" the pipes were re-arranged. (Also, hopefully, he did not get any of the double-entredres in prior pipe arrangements.)

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