130311 (130317 Note: No response despite sending to twenty firehouses in Richmond, Virginia--another reason of why no hope for humanity and why what needs to be done will not be done.)

Firehouse Memo

Dear Members of the Civil Trinity: Firemen, Teachers and Policemen,

Please post this letter and the enclosed order form for Free Seeds at a Seeding Bee/Party on either March 16 or 23 (Saturday) at Crossroads Coffee Shop, 3600 Forest Hill Avenue.

For many reasons, I encourage those firehouses with space to plant gardens.

  1. Economic: As budgets tighten, the math dictates that all public services will suffer. The federal sequestration will trickle down to the local level as a growing drought of dollars. By growing some of the food needed by the station, it delays cut offs. Based on assessing the fire stations on Forest Hill Avenue (near Powhite), the new Semmes Avenue station, and the Hermitage/Leigh station, 5,000 sq.ft gardens could produce $10,000 in food savings (based on my 2012 production of 4,000 sq.ft. at $1.75/sqft and expected food inflation due to droughts.) If every station could save this in food cost, over $200k would be saved by the system.
  2. Mental Health Clinic: Gardening is a stress reliever. One increasingly replaces the dollar-dead shop-till-ya-drop with grow till ya glow.
  3. Example to the general public. If the populace grows more food in backyards, tax demands will be less and emotional well-being will improve. These two subsequent benefits will benefit public servants.
  4. Fresh, garden produce beats industrialized, mono-clonal veggies in the grocery stores.
  5. After the set-up, gardens do not take much time if one follows three principles: "cave gardens," chips/mulch and drip or skip. These are listed and linked at CaveGarden.com.

As individuals, you can buy your seeds at the seeding bee for $.10 each so that you have a variety of many than a few with many unused seeds. All checks are written to the McGuire V.A. Volunteer Service. The originator of the CaveGarden.com is funding the seed purchase with no financial gain sought.

If you have any questions, come to "Garden Talk" at Crossroads Coffee Shop (3600 Anne Street), Tuesday 6-7pm. Hope you grow and glow!

In particular, use the "cavegarden" principle and "Drip or Skip" to double production.

Order Sheet


cave construction

tiller use

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