Free Garden Produce: Strawberries, beans, cucumbers, etc.

My wife and I do not have enuf time to pick all that our garden produces. We are willing to do a profit-sharing with parent/student in which you pick and split the pickings in half, half for you and half for us. You can do it after school on your way home. Bigger than the benefits of some fresh produce is exposing your child to gardening in a bigger way. Also, I have been known to be an "entertaining edifier," that is, when I teach I make it enjoyable. For me, the biggest joy in life is watching the eureka moments of a child discovering something new about the world. My garden is conveniently located nearby a few houses behind Crossroad Coffee Shop along the creek (has a sign,

If you are interested, please email In rotation, you will be emailed a few days before with what is up for picking. If you are not free, the next parent/student will be emailed. The parent is expected to remain with the child all the time either watching or assisting. Currently, we are getting about a half gallon of strawberries a day from two 30foot x 2foot strawberry strips. Our freezer is getting full of strawberries which have been producing for almost a month. It takes about 15 minutes to pick the berries, two persons. When the beans come in, we always have more than we pick. If you visit, you will see my bathtub full of Cukes. I gave away my cucumber patch last July because I had my quota. Normally, we give away about half of produce including canning. When I start canning, I will offer slots by which you can stop by for an hour with your student(s) to watch and question. Canning is a lot of fun, easier than most people realize. And, the food taste so good.

Next years Seeding Bee will be more organize and earlier. Also, if you are interested in putting in a larger garden, I have a tiller which I will lend you. (In fact, I have six tillers!) If enough people want their garden tilled, an unemployed parent could be hired to do everybody's garden with the final charge being the total cost divided by the time spent tilling your garden. The cost should be about $20 for a 500 sq. ft. garden (or 20/25 ft). With a CaveGarden approach, you can expect about $2/square foot produce. More importantly, you can get mental and emotional benefits that reduce life's stresses which often lead to expensive money-spending binges. As I like to say, give up shop-til-ya-drop for grow-till-ya-glow! Or, give up the rat race for the root race.

If we all grow more, the prices at the store will be less. I have designed to be a model for PTA organizations or schools to have spring Seeding Bees by which they can directly raise $5,000 or more with benefits that keep increasing as the gardens grow and produce.

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