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Dear ??,

A year ago April, your paper posted pictures from people's 2010 gardens. The lead-off pictures were four of mine with the first being me atop a 20-foot ladder picking tomatos from a 19-ft tall plant (picture enclosed). I would like to submit a four-part article on this year's achievements which hopefully can be the beginning of a weekly blog on how people can be smart, lazy gardeners like us. The articles are:

  1. YouTube (Text) A Cukemania Story of a Cukie Monster: How I grew 15 bushels of cukes from 45 plants.
  2. YouTube (Text) Tomato Caves are Better than Tomato Cages: How to grow 20-foot tomato plants with out taking a foot off the ground.
  3. YouTube (Text) 2012 Garden: $7500 in food production from my home in the city.
  4. YouTube (TextDrip irrigation: Use it or lose it.
  5. Lazy Man's Smart Gardening

In addition, we have initiated contact with city council members to use existing city equipment to promote citizens planting "victory" gardens. Basically, people sign up on line to have their soil tilled whereafter a tractor with a six-foot tiller follows the garbage truck routes to till at signed-up homes. The charge is $2 per hundred square feet, $5 minimum paid on-line with deadlines. It is like leave collection. In fact, people are encourage to place their leaves on the garden plot to recycle the biomass. By reducing leaf collection costs, the program would pay for itself. In addition, with people growing some of their food, demand inflation at the grocery stores would be reduced. In addition, many people will find the pleasure of growing food a pleasant respite from the daily rat race. Many shop-till-they-droppers will find the garden surprises a mental tonic that reduces the credit card charges.

Part of the blog would be a time-line of things to do on a weekly basis so as to optimize the garden.

If you are interested, please contact Stacy Brower at ??.

Thanking for your time and consideration, we are

Stacy Bower

bob barnett

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