Garden Space Wanted

Dear Neighbor,

I am a high school student looking for homeowners who would like to put in a garden. I am willing to do the work in exchange for two-thirds of the produce. When I pick, I will leave your share. I will eat or sell my share.

In order to do this, it is necessary to follow the guidelines listed at Among them are the following.

  1. Install a "Cave Garden" which allows greater productivity per square foot.
  2. Drip or Skip: If one is not going to install drip irrigation, one should not garden because one will probably fail, and from that failue, will badmouth gardening. \
  3. Turn on the drip irrigation timer each morning. Please note that the water cost for a plant for 100 days at half of a gallon a day is less than twenty cents total at meter rater $4 per thousand gallons. Your cost is probably less.

You will recapture your dollar investment for the cave and drip irrigation in less than a year since the cost of home grown vegetables is very low.

I encourage you to become a gardener because besides saving money on food costs (thereby reducing inflationary pressure at the grocery store) but you will save greater money from the "joy of gardening" as pennywise grow-till-ya-glow replaces dollardumb shop-till-ya-drop.

My name is:

If interested, please email me at:

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