Dear Will and Olivia,

Thanks for offering to help with CaveGarden.com--we can have some new fun as well as maybe start a viral interest in gardening which will make our world better. It goes without saying that if step over any bounds, let me know. Thus,

  1. I will have the seed bees on my porch with people coming to Crossroads before being re-directed by your staff.
    1. Because it is from 8am to 6pm, I will be able to work at my computers if no one shows at a particular time.
    2. If it rains then there will be no rush to move stuff. Also, I can leave it setup during the week.
  2. I am going to do the "Garden Talk" on Tuesday from 6pm-7pm which should increase your food traffic since it is the dinner hour. Eventually, it will be extended to 9pm for the "Global Warming" talks/discussions--see youtube.com\globaldying
  3. I encourage you to review my resume and qualifications which are linked at the bottom of my main website, timism.com.


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