School Money Makers

Cave Gardening can help schools make and save money in seveal ways. Along with bake sales, schools could have spring seeding parties for parents as well as homeowners canvassed by students distributing flyers. The seed order form can be used. Of course, if parents and students grow more of their food needs, they will have more money directly and indirectly--see Money! Money!

Increasingly, school districts are finding themselves cash-strapped and unable to support extra-curricular activities including sports. This demise of organized sports within the education setting was or is inevitable if one understands the difference between the work ethic and play pathos. The former creates problem-solvers while the latter cancerizes problem-igknowers and problem-causers. Sports-obssessed parents will not like the prior sentence despite the long list of wrong-doings by players and coaches in pedophilia, doping, bankruptcy and bullying. The people who make money off sports (NCAA) can fabricate false advertising on how sports builds character, etc., but the facts are the facts.

America cannot have its cake and eat it too. We are the only nation in the world which integrates organized sports into its education setting. Sports in school is a distraction akin to running a brothel out of a school. Anyone who thinks sports improves academics does not know how to add 2 plus 2.  Echoing "spare the rod and spoil the child" is "spare the sport and oil your retirement." Do really think a nation of failed, would-be wanna-bees is the foundation of a good work force?

Whether pro-active or re-active, schools should implement a variation of the admonition of "Beating swords into plowshares," that is, convert the sports fields into crop fields. Like Bordentown to which Cave Gardening is dedicated, schools could generate significant funds and savings for self and community. Whether a person or a community, if one does not focus on one's needs, first and foremost, then one will suffer in many ways. The decline of America is a summary of how if we do not do what is right then we will suffer what is wrong.

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