The best government is the government that governs least which can only be if we better self-govern ourselves.

Gardening is a form of self-governing.

Gardeners reduce the need for many government programs and bureaucracies as people engage in a free enterprise that rewards in dollars, happiness, family and work ethic, that is, more freedom from the problems of life.

It should be noted that all governments originated within an agricultural society as moving hunter/gatherers became sedentary growers. With the latter, rules were needed to optimize production by eliminating the losses and insecurities of various forms of theft. One can see this in the histories of Greece, Rome, Babylon, China, Japan, India, etc. The origin of most, if not all, currencies was based on the production of food: shekel, dinari, and yen.

In many cultures, Rome and Greece, opportunities for elected office were govern by one's productivity in food production: The more one produced, the more eligible one was for higher office. One's right to govern others was based on practicality: If you could not produce enough to feed yourself, why should you be allowed to tell others how to live their lives? With unqualified schooling designed as paper mills, we suffer educators who cannot educate ... leaders who can not lead ... parents who are parenthetical. Morality without practicality is immoral like the roads to hell paved with the good intentions of bad values.

The basis of Western law as well as many legal, economic and moral terms derive from the Latin word for "gathering"--legere/legein--

  1. acknowledge
  2. allegations
  3. allegiance
  4. allegories
  5. analogies
  6. anthology
  7. apology
  8. backlog
  9. belligerent
  10. calligraphy
  11. catalog
  12. collect/collection
  13. college
  14. delegate
  15. dialects
  16. diligent
  17. eclectic
  18. elections
  19. elegant
  20. elegies
  21. eligible
  22. elite
  23. epilogue
  24. eulogies
  25. idiologies
  26. illegalities
  27. illegitimate
  28. intellect
  29. intelligent
  30. knowledge
  31. language
  32. large
  33. largesse
  34. league
  35. lecture
  36. ledgers
  37. legacy
  38. legal
  39. legalities
  40. legate
  41. legend
  42. legerity
  43. legible
  44. legislate
  45. legitimate
  46. legumes
  47. lesson
  48. letters
  49. lex
  50. liege
  51. lignum
  52. lignite
  53. lingua
  54. literacy
  55. local/locality
  56. lodge
  57. log
  58. logging
  59. logic
  60. logistics
  61. logorrhea
  62. malignant
  63. monolog
  64. neglect
  65. negligee
  66. negligent
  67. negligible
  68. neologism
  69. obligation
  70. oligarchy
  71. phylogeny
  72. privilege
  73. prologue
  74. relegation
  75. religion
  76. sacrilege
  77. selective
  78. syllogism
  79. theologians
  80. topology

The best government is the government that governs least. A lean-to is better than no house in a rising storm of wind and rain. Destroying the lean-to with the belief that the storm will go away is the message of the TEA Party--lapdogs of the very economic and political pupeteers that they decry. Only when the powers-to-be initiating true human and state rights will our problems be solved. Individual rights only exist when the individual is given the power to solve his individual problems--and required to exercise that power to right. Likewise with family, community and state rights.

The best government is the least government which is only possible when level rights are defined and required of the level of responsibility. If the individual has the ability to respond then is right to require responsibility by stick if carrot will not do. Likewise with all other levels. To not enable and require the responsibility to do right is to do wrong and suffer wrongs.

The US national debt of at least $15 trillion in 2013 can be described in many ways. It is a testament to how election-addicted habitual politicians have repeatedly bought their incumbency by abusing the power of purse, that is, borrowing money in the name of the public to "entitle" the public to live beyond the public means. Rather than require citizens to self-govern, incumbents have borrowed money to babysit the electorate long after the voters should have been self-solving or self-governing their own problems.

If the US had had term limits

  1. in which the public policy-makers knew they would have to live under the laws they passed as private citizens
  2. rather than luxuriate in the power and privileges of controlling the public purse,
  3. then they would not have run the US into unpayable debt that will be canceled only by a combination of financial collapse and civil war.

If you like worsening habitual problems then vote for worsening habitual politicians who are supposed to make "policy to solve public problems," e.g., When politicians make good policy then the polity in the polis will be polite without police. Apathy on a sinking ship is suicide.

Also see Legere/Legein

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  1. The February, 2013, "sequestration" is another example of worsening problems from worsening habitual politicians.

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