Inflation: An Inflated Word

One can see in seed prices the twin evils behind inflation which cheapens our lives. The traditional definition of inflation is "more money chasing the same goods or serves." Or, it could be a relative comparison of "the same money chasing fewer goods and services."

Economics would be a better science if they did not use the same word for different dynamics, e.g., money inflation or shortage inflation. A simple nomenclature improvement:

  1. Monflation for Money Inflation because it makes people moan the cheapening of their lives.
  2. Sinflation for Shortage Inflation because it is a sin when able-bodied, willing-to-work citizens have their lives cheapened by habitual politicians, tenured economists, and corporate myops who screw up and turn down production of needed goods and services.

Consider the following examples of this new nomenclature:

Monflation: $1.79 from $1.28 for 2.5g, that is,
more money for same goods or service.