This is why you should go to a seeding bee so that instead of 100 of seeds of one variety, you can have numerous varieties in a limited space without buying excessive seeds to have a variety of eats. You will have oodles of seeds. Unliked mixed seeds from seed sellers, you get to choose the mix you want in the quantity that you want rather than throwing the dice.

Seeding Bee:  (Seed Order Forms: General, Neighbor, Civil Trinity, Firehouses, City Council)

Like a sewing bee or spelling bee, a seeding bee is a gathering to efficiently achieve a goal. Seeds will be arranged in sequence according to the order form in bowls. Participants will move their seeding tray down the table plucking the seeds they have ordered. An honor system will be observed.

If weather is dry and calm, tables will be outside otherwise indoors.

Seed Order Form

Location on seeder tray (Column/.Row) refers to where you plant seeds in your seed starter. Unless otherwise noted, all seeds are buried 1/4" down. A pen or pencil can be used to push the seed down (don't use the eraser because the seed will probably stick to it).

Seeds will be arranged in the order of the listing in small containers for you to extract the seeds you purchased.

Seed Plucking Board

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