1. Drip Or Skip: If you are not going to drip irrigate then do not garden.
  2. Sweet Potatos: Easy to grow: Plant and Forget. Last at least a year. A bushel from five or six plants.
  3. Bake Sale? A Spring Seeding Bee is Better without the Calories.
  4. Checks: Make payable to McGuire V.A. Volunteer Service. (Note: Volunteer Service has not been contacted. Funds will be delivered March 26 as an anonymous donation.)
  5. Canning Joys and Rewards: Easier than you think.
  6. Gardening Mental Health Clinic: Replace dollar draining shop-till-ya-drop with money-making "grow-till-ya-glow!"
  7. Gardening is not for you if you do not like to have quite time to reflect on the moments and day of your life.