Companion Planting

Companion planting describes how planting certain crops together reduces diseases because one plant reduces the diseases of the other. One can Google "companion planting gardens" for more information.

Companion planting is like putting ground pepper on your ice cream. The ice cream dulls the taste buds for pepper and the pepper dulls the mouth-top pain receptors that complain if you eat your ice cream too fast.

In the below picture of the 2012 Cuke cave, one can see the marigolds that are planted with the cucumbers. French and African marigolds are the best because that unique, pungent smell keeps away many pests, especially the cucumber beetle the bite from which can kill a vine plant (cukes, melons, squash) in a few hours. I did not have any cucumber beetle problems until the end of the season when I grew tired of eating and canning cukes (15 plus bushels from about 45 plants in 65 linear feet, two rows averaging 32 feet). Please note that seed companies often label French or African marigolds with a proprietary name so you have to read the description to discern the type.

Companion planting is cheaper, healthier and prettier than insecticides.

Marigolds: Companion plants to reduce bug infestations. Given you want a lot of them, you may want to buy a complete seed packet at a store. Be sure to get either French, Mexican, or African which may require reading on the back since seed companies put alternative, prettier names on the front of a seed packet.


Marigold, Cottage Red, 30"


Marigold, Dwarf Tiger Eyes-French


Marigold, Fireball, Large 12"+


Marigold, Queen Sophia, 10"

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