Bad, Bad, Bad Composter

A composter is good for many reasons. However, one can buy one which will last only a few years before dis-integrating. A waste of time and money. The following is one that should be avoided.

  1. Full view--Notice crack in closest corner angling downward.
  2. Bad back hinges that don't stay attached. Notice rocks on top to hold lid down since neither hinges nor lock (red at front) works.
  3. Cracked corner
  4. Cracked Sides

This is one of those "Save money. Live better" items which save you money today to make you think you are living better but a cradle-to-grave analysis reveals a great time/money loss as one has to repeatedly replace the item. SMLB is a photograph of life, a moment in time analysis of quality versus an anti-SMLB which is a video of life showing unexpected losses, unintended events and collateral damage.