Dear Miss Wonderful Office Manager,

Because you have repeatedly been kind to the love of my life, I will venture further thoughts on the uniqueness of your little loved one. If she is correctly diagnosed as autistic then you have both greater opportunities and challenges. I know from personal experience that being "gifted" is not always a gift. My enclosed one-page resume summary shows the achievements as well as the challenges. I feel a great empathy for those who are above or beyond the curve on the IQ distribution chart. I like to say that I am a deviant because the standard IQ chart allows for +/- 3.0 standard deviations which includes 99% of the population. I am a 3.4 deviant, and, as you can tell from my jokes, I am deserving of my email address, IQIdiot.

If you have questions, please notate them with a number and write the notated question on the back or a separate sheet. More than willing to do lunch with you to clarify. While some might describe the following as opinions, I would bet my pass to the Pearly Gates that the statements are more matters of fact, not matter of opinion. I write them as a friend with full knowledge that the origin of the word friend is free (Old English): A friend helps free you from needless worry which I hope these words achieve. If you are like most parents of autistic children, you are worrying about the wrong things, wasting time and energy. This is time and energy that either helps or harms the budding autistic child.

I offer four areas of thoughts on autism: Analogies, Emotions, When You Talk and Responsibilities. I write this in part to review my thoughts on this area that has personal import. Best to read in boxed chunks. If you find them helpful, a quarterly review will be beneficial since your child like all will be changing and growing. Each area is in an envelope so you can open and read at a paced measure.

I wrote this without Cathy's knowledge. It would have fewer mistakes if she had reviewed and edited it. For years, she edited my writings. Should I in my good intentions express an thought that receives an ill-reception, please remember where my heart is and don't blame CJ. Feel free to share the contents with others as you see fit, especially if you find a parent of an autistic child who has a negative rather than a positive attitude about their child.

My motive is a few moments given to thanking you for being a good boss and a kinship that I feel with most autistic children. Like the black who escapes the ghetto but does not forget those still struggling to find their "inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness," I live, in part, to see a world in which those with the greatest gifts are not treated like they are human trash. While I cannot repay my helpers who are dead and gone, I can "pass it on" which they instructed me to do as the only way to repay them for helping me.

If you make the extra effort which an autistic child requires, and it turns out that your daughter is not autistic, well, darn, your daughter will no doubt turn out better, not bitter.



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