lMarch 4, 2024

Gov. Youngkin, Virginia
Gale King, Nate Burleson, Tony DuKoupil, CBS Morning News Anchors

Marijanua: A Re-creational or A De-creational Drug? Victimless or Victimful?

Recent legislative action and news discussion have once again raised the issue of marijauna being a victimless crime. Like many public problems, the optics are controlled by the public and media gatekeepers . They cherry-pick their words to fit a desired perception. An operational definition is needed to dispel the lies of victimless crimes.

Timism, The Morality of More Time, has an iron-clad definition of creativity: Does the event or entity create/save time? This is also the definition of a solution to a time-wasting problem. Many actions are called creative when they are merely different from the norm. Like much "free" speech, much so-called creativity is, in fact, a waste of time. Tme is the litmus test to what is and is not creative… and, what is or is not a freedom and a right. Does a claimed free speech free us from time-wasting problems? Hate speech is not free speech. Nor is marijauna a re-creational drug.

Crimes vary on a contiuum from major crimes (felonies) to minor crimes(jaywalking). A true re-creational action observes the saying "All work and no play makes Jack and Jill dull." True re-creational actions recharge one's emotional and motivational batteries to create solutions to time-wasting problems, e.g., music, play and reading. Does marijuana re-create or de-create problems?

Numerous studies and statistics show that stoned smokers are lesser problem-solvers. Stoned, one often igknows one's problems as pot's bliss dominates one's consciousness. Shakespeare was half right when he wrote that "Ignorance is bliss" with the missing half being "until the igknowed problems blitz your happiness."

States bordering on Colorado with legal maryjane sales have more traffic stops from unsafe drivers. These arrests cost the resource-poor rural counties money they don't have. Research shows a higher rate of heart attacks and strokes for those who are daily puffers.

An interesting chemical structural similarity ("the two-bedroom house with an attic")--between THC and estrogen causes similar effects. This writer knew a girl in graduate school who maintained two birth control prescriptions. One for sex. The other for 5-pill highs. Gynomastectogensis describes males developing breast which can come from frequent smoking of THC which is akin to male>female transition involving estrogen treatment to reduce hairiness and grow breasts. On men, these breasts mirror the breasts of a young girl. A male reporter on a local Richmond, VA, TV station has these little teepees as opposed to the broad, dangling lumps of a fat person.

As the crime continuum goes from victmless to victimful, so does a pot-smoker often progress for a higher high to crack, heroin, and fentanyl. Few, if any hard-drug users did not start with pot. The tax-costs and family-costs of hard drug usage are not a victimless crimes.  Any new tax revenue goes down the blackhole of social dysfunction.

Marijauna is not a re-creational drug. Those who say so are naive, igknowant or hypocrites. Saying marijuana is a victimless crime is a falsehood.  One can say this if one views life in snapshots rather than a video. Marijauna's long-term, motion picture is not a pretty picture.

If you want more time-wasting problems in your private and public future, support the legalization of de-creational drugs.


Robert "Bob" Barnett
3600 Anne Street
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