Frog Leaping and iCube

  1. One's ability to shape or react to one's environment is one's iCube, that is, one's integrity of intellect and intelligence which echos the nature/nuture paradigm or the body/mind duality. An analogy is a record player in which bad music blares out because physical sysem is bad or the music played is bad. The two reasons for bad music can be used to describe two kinds of non-doers in life: The noble savage with great intellect and no training and the overtrained moron.
  2. One's intellect, that is, one's raw mental or brain power differs through the day and life. The 90 minute REM cycle is evidence of one's varying mental power which pulsates through the day as is chained to the more primary digestive process controlled by the autonomic nervous system. The sleep/wake cycle is another example of differen levels of intellect based on the state of the body. The rise and fall of one's cognitive ability from cradle to grave mirrors one's raw intellect.
  3. One's intellect not only varies hour to hour, day to day and over life but is at some point on the standard deviation curve.
  4. One's ability to acquire intelligence (information) is facilitated or limited by one's intellect, that is, one's raw brain power. To expect a moron to learn calculus is unrealistic. The intellect is below the threshold needed to integrate the provided intelligence. Due to physical limitation, this inability is like a 6" leaping frog encountering 7" steps. No matter how many times he leaps, he will never get up the steps.
  5. Size limited frogs can compensate by "over-achieving" whereby they acquire tools to make up the height difference, e.g., a 1" box. Unfortunately, the frog either leaps only one step or must retrieve the box at each step in order to ascend to the top. Eitherway, the progress of the 6" leaper will be slower than the 7" frog.
  6. Very importantly, a 6" frog can never discover 7" steps. He can only follow even it means he has to over-achieve so as to do. To the 6" frog, the 7" step is an insurmountable wall, a different concept than a step to hurdle.
  7. While one's intellect follows, as a rule, the ying-yang of one's digestive system, it is physically possible to raise or lower one's intellect by chemicals (food or drugs) as wells environmentally. The latter occurs when one is studying a problem in a quiet library or a noisy nightclub. Optimizing one's environoment to get the most out of one's intellect is a focus and talent that most people lack.
  8. Getting the most out of one's intellect may result in one discovering that one is really a 7" leaper. However, gettting the most out of one's intellect is less likely in an education, economic and political system that focuses on solving the artificial problems of play over real human problems, e.g., sports, games, and gambling.

Understanding the difference between the abilities of a 6" and 7" frog rising to the occasion lends new meaning to the expression, "Size matters." Flotillas
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