Meaning of Capital

Capital as a tool of financing production began and begins with labor. When one uses one's capita (head) to produce more than one needs to live, the excess production constitutes capital. This is basic capitalism, that is, rewarding one who uses their head (capita) to produce more than one needs.

Whether widgets or non-widgets, the excess production is converted into a common intermediate product of economic exchange (currency). Currency derives from the expression "What is your time currently worth?" Basic, true capitalism maintains a unity between the substance and symbols of current work time.

Currency can be converted further into other symbols of excess labor time (stocks, bonds, loans and land).

Wealth is a lower cost of living in the time it takes to produce the necessities of life.

Our grandparents had fewer dollars in paychecks and retirement, but had more free time in work years and retirement time in golden years.

Capitalism affirms the meaning of life, that is, create more than you consume. Decapitalism is a cancer that consumes more than it creates thus destroying the system that tolerates it.

Decapitalist will say this is not their meaning of capital which is why capitalism has a bad reputation. Decapitalists are economic wolves parading in the sheepskin of capitalism, economic leeches bleeding humanity to death.

In 2016, vote for Wall Street symbols and symbolists if you want the substance of poverty in your daily life.

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