Bad Home, Bad Time Management: Governments manage the time of the governed

One of the strengths of timism as a heuristic tool is finding parallels or self-similarities at different levels of existence thereby providing new perspectives on understanding and solving problems. For instance, governments are the policy-making process at the 5th level of the periodic table of existend, that is, Politeness. Or, the lack thereof: When politicians ...

Governments are in all of their actions managers of the time of those who are governed. By the politicians laws, taxes, regulations and examples, they shape and direct the time of the polity in the polis. In singularity and generality of time being the central, common theme of politicians' legal or moral actions, they echo the next level down on the periodic table, ecos nomos which is Greek for home laws or home management. (Home economics as a high school course is a redundancy.)

In the home, if the parents do not productively govern the time of their offspring then the latter will be counterproductive. Likewise with the politicians in the White House, Senate or House. A personal example from this writer's past emphasizes the time-management of the politicians.

His mother had eight kids in nine years beginning when she was fifteen during which time the father of the first five disappeared with a second husband fathering three more. She simply lost more and more control of her life and future with each child for which she received a bigger welfare check (that she mostly spent on herself). She consistently ran away from her problems which usually meant she did not stay home with the kids she procreated. Unmanaged, the kids mostly fended for themselves with little communal problem-solving. The houses were a mess. By houses, it is meant that my mother's failure to pay rent after the first month meant eviction by the second or third month. (One sibling counted 68 address changes by her eighteenth birthday). Needless to say, the houses were not palatial when we moved in and less so afterwards due to how the kids wasted both their time and the houses. In recollection, there were incidences of filth that this writer would not share with another person.

Time. The kids did not have a good time manager as repeatedly shown by an aunt or cousin who would come by on a Saturday with the goal of organizing the kids into a cleanup brigade. By the end of the Saturday visit, the house sparkled with the kitchen spotless, the rooms clean and the kids laughing. On those days, we were rich in spirit and poor in dollars. On the rest of the days, we were poor in both spirit and money.

As this writer's mother could have 24/7/365 organized our time to have a rich home, so should the governing policy-makers pass laws, taxes and regulations that organize the govern to be productive of a richer economy and richer spirit. They are not doing this. Their focus is self over nation, state, or community. Their focus is re-election. In their being habitual polticians, we, the governed, suffer habitual problems which worsen with each re-election cycle.

In summary, people talk about Washington not observing the rules that govern a home, e.g., escalating deficit spending. More importantly is why the habitual politicans have to expand the money supply via money or bond presses to fuel the public debt. Why? They don't assess the time impact on the governed when they pass de facto private laws for their campaign contributors in the form of privileges, privitization and private monopolies. They don't ask the moral question of "Can everyone profit (pro esse, forward life) from this law or tax?"

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