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Better Democracy and Capitalism
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Tax Simplification via Bank, Internet or Phone

The national tax rate is established on a regular basis. All transactions will be taxed equally, since all depend on and benefit from the umbrella of economic stability and security. Taxes will be divided between the buyer and seller for apportionment to their hierarchy of public problem-solving levels, local, national, and global (see tax simplification).

An existing model is how the United Way Agencies collect funds from different givers to then divide among the participating agencies. This model also allows a simple uniform tax on internet purchases so that cities and states can get revenues. As is, wealthy people avoid paying taxes thus causing local buyers to pickup more than their fair share.

Most transactions (99% plus) will be taxed as they pass through the banking system without involvement of the seller or buyer. Non-banking transactions will be processed through the phone or on the internet using the below format.

Please enter the following information to meet your tax obligation on the buiness transactions that don't go through the banking system.

Buyer/Employer NN-PostalCode Seller/Employee NN-PostalCode
Tax Type
Email Address
(the submit button will be activated at when tax reform is achieved).

For more information on tax simplification, please review the following: Tax Reform

With the above on-line, realtime, one-time system, tax information is only considered once, at the time of the economic transaction. No repeated handling of paperwork, wasting time that could be enjoyably spent with self, family and community.

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