What if everyone did it?

Socrates said the unquestioned life was not worth living. He also said that one should "Know thyself." The two Socratic admonitions can be summarized in the question, "What if everyone did it?" Or, a subsequent moralist implored, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

  1. Thieves: What if everyone did it? If we all became thieves, legal or illegal, would the quality of life improve or decline? Like inflationary bubbles in stocks, precious metals, housing, tulips and other symbols of past work, the initial inflationary speculators, manipulators and initiators make out like bandits as the suck in silly, foolish chumps who think they can get something for nothing. Why do habitual politicians fail to prevent inflationary bubbles? Because they are part of the first in, get rich players.
  2. Timisitic Analysis: What if everyone did it? Running red lights will save time which can be added up by the seconds saved. The the red-light runner causes an accident, the previous time-savings become an existential budget deficit especially if one or more lifetimes of seconds, minutes, hours, days and years are lost. Another example is the bankrobber who gains some time by spending the stolen money instead of working. When caught and incarcerated, his initial time savings becomes an existential deficit.
  3. Kodak Moment Morality: What if everyone did it? In a sense, the person who does not ask this moral question is engaging in Kodak moment morality, that is, if it feels good then "Do it" as Nike keeps telling us. In effect, Nike morality justifies someone jumping off a cliff without a tether, bungee or parachute because it feels good. Spat does not feel good. Video morality--the calculus of cradle-to-grave time analysis--determines the more time gain or more time loss of an action.
  4. Play pathos: What if everyone focuses on becoming a player in sports, speculation, lotteries, and pornography? In the last 30 years of the last century, America increasingly integrated the play pathos in every aspect of daily life. School achievement dropped internationally from the top ten to the mid-30's--but everyone feels good about themselves. America's education system is the only one in the world the integrates sports into the academic setting. The work ethic--solving real problems--is not the play pathos that focuses on games and wants. Does a professional sports player have a work ethic? Yes, if one is willing to engage in semantic slippage and moral hypocrisy. Absurd is the calling of people playing games on TV as "reality shows."
  5. Problems: What if everyone were part of the problem rather than solution. Doomsday. One can equate the timistic value of an action (-100% to 0 to 100%) by multiplying the valid percentages of each of the four steps in solving a problem. A -100% is a person is not only part of the problem but an organizers of others to be part of the problem. An example are religious organizers who encourage people to be other-worldly illogical aliens rather than secular logical earthlings.
  6. Rights and right: One only has a right if the action prevents or corrects a wrong. There are four reasons that people don't do right: stupid, naieve, ignorant and dishonest. This continuum of wrong-doing is half of the above timistic continuum, that is, from 0% (stupid) to dishonest(-100%). Why are people dishonest? They don't question the long-term morality of their actions. Give it to me now. It feels good now. It is a variation of people wanting something for nothing.
  7. Scumnuts: What if everybody wanted something for nothing? Too often, people readily accede to getting something for nothing without doing the long-term analysis of time creation/loss. To often, people think that they are getting something free. However, as one Japanese saying states, the most expensive things in life are first free. Free parking, hundred dollar towing fee. Free love, eighteen years of child rearing costs. Free financial advice, no savings or retirement. Clearly, scumnuts do not ask the question, "What if everyone did it.?"
  8. Workhogs: What if everyone tries to hog the available work instead of dividing it among all able body workers, willing or unwilling? What happens. Higher rates of taxes, inflation, insurance and crime. The seeming immediate gains of being a workhog are lost as the Kodak moment of morality becomes the video of continual losses. Either we share job time or share jobless crime.
  9. Charter schools: Like workhogs, parents who discriminate against the children of undermotivated parents will saddle their charter/private schools children with the cost of a disenfranchise, de-privileged peers: higher taxes, inflation, crime, etc. Either we educate equally or suffer the Virginia Tech massacres of castrated, handicapped kids unable or unwilling to defend themselves when confronted with the dysfunctional members of the age group.
  10. Internationally, the same question and paradigms can be asked and applied. What if every nation did it? World War! Every time a country has acted on the belief that they are special worthy of getting something for nothing by military or economic aggression, the result has always been the same: Germany (WW1, WWII, Euro), British Empire, Japan (WWII), China today and USA today. Another perspective is these nations lived a basic evil lie that eviluted into catastrophe for eviluters and bystanders.
  11. Religiously, like self-important nations lurching toward international wars, so has the history of religions show an ignoring of "What if everyone did it?" or, especially for Christianity, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Religious wars are historical and current. All religions have mandates based on collections of evil lies that has led to the evilution of conflicting, ugly value systems. Amusingly, the evilution by illogical aliens who believe in other, after-death world rejects the evolution of logical earthlings who believe in secular solutions for secular problems.
  12. The power of prayer: What if everyone prayed 24-7? The same benefit if one only prays once in a lifetime. Nothing. Prayer is an attempt to get something for nothing. Prayer addicts are scumnuts, that is, they want things for their believe in faith rather than in work. Is it not the tenet of Christianity that it is by faith, not good deeds, that you a free pass to eternal life? What an evil lie ... that sanctions ignorance and theft. As Dylan sang, "You don't ask questions when God is on your side."
  13. Overpopulation: The number problem common to all problem is overpopulation: the mother of all problems as the source of numerous offspring problems. What if everyone had a baby at puberty with a new kid every year thereafter--a universal imitation of the Duggar family, 20 kids! Over a third of the people who have lived in recorded history--the last 10,000 years--are still alive. The cause of global dying is human CO2 sinning, for every human being has an annual CO2 sinning in the thousands of tons. Would 100 million barrels of oil be daily burned if the human population was 7 million instead of 7 billion? What institution has been the source of excessive procreation? What institution encourages the anti-abortion pro-litter folks? A true pro-lifer has video morality rather than ignorant Kodak morality. What institutions encourage people to ignore the cradle-to-grave implications of what if everyone had more kids than they or Mother Nature could afford. (An irony is that the Catholic Church would have more wealth in a less populated world.)
  14. Central to many religious, political, and psychobabble value systems is the near-narcotic rush of self-ignorance that engenders a mental state of bliss. Shakespeare's half-truth captures the rapturous joy of "Ignorance is bliss" ... until the ignored problems blitz you. Like the drug addict, the religious nut needs frequent fixes of their self-lies to maintain the blissful belief of being blessed. "Blessed are the meek, for they share inherit" ... "The Eleven Commandment: Don't talk bad about a fellow Republican" ... "I'm ok. You're ok." The existential meltdown can be traced back to the evilution of religions in encouraging followers to value non-earthly, non-existing other worlds. What if everyone ignores reality? Reality kills everyone.
  15. Church/State Separation: Consistently at the beginning of political campaigns, the office-seekers bemoan negative advertising before resorting to it. Whatever the time losses from negative ads is nothing compared to the direct and indirect time losses from campaigners mixing religion and politics. If their religion worked, they would not be politiking. The power of prayer is the fool's gold of morality. Anyone who thinks their God blesses their country based on number of prayers and faithful are illogical aliens. If we all prayed on succeeding days to each of the major religion's God, would God/Allah/Yehweh/Buddha/etc. answer our prays? Hasn't ever happened! Like having more losing lottery tickets than winners, prayer addicts only cite the winning prayers in the gambling ramblings of praying for more instead of doing more. If you vote for a person who waste time on the campaign trail talking about their religion, then you are part of the problem not the solution. Throughout history, the privleged powers-to-be have used religion to pacify the de-privileged, e.g., suffer little children that come unto me. Christianity was used by slave masters to channel slave anger into the promise of better afterlife as a result of a personal savior was a better slave than any slave who ever lived. What if no office-seeker ever talked about their religion or values but instead focused solely on solutions to economic problems like joblessness? If you are unemployed and rely on prayer, you will be unemployed longer compared to the person who puts their time into learning and earning.
  16. What if every government did it? One can see in the Islamic nations the difference between Sharia and non-Sharia addition in the difference between the earthly standards of living of the two modern Islamic states (Turkey and Tunesia) versus the other twenty-seven Muslim nations. How any person can think supporting a government that is non-earthly in nature will improve the earthly condition is another example of why religious nuts are illogical aliens. Sadly, the Arab Spring is being followed by religious politics, the same process that supported the old dicators or monarchs in the first place. Duh.
  17. Government in all its actions of taxes, regulations and laws is a time manager of the governed. If governments encourage the governed to be self-liars then the governed will waste their time as being part of the problem. Governors who encourage playing sports, lotters, stocks, etc., are encouraging less time rather more time of freedom from problems.
  18. Life on earth will probably not be saved because governments encourage people to avoid asking the question, "What if everyone did it?" Why? Because the suddenly self-aware and self-honest governed would see the crimes of those who govern. For instance, in the US, what if everyone used insider information like members of the US Congress to sell stocks short for over-night ill-got gains?
  19. What if everyone did it? What a great question that reinforces the essense of timism, the morality of more time. If people do not ask this question and observe the time-saving answers then we will all have less, not more, time. This a question which neither government nor religions will encourage the governed nor the grovellers to ask.

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