All Are Equal, But Some Are More Equal Than Others
Based  on the Morality of More Time
Quality Equals Quantity of Time:

All entities, aka, events, can be quantified in time created or cancered. By cancered, it is meant wasted or destroyed. Biologically, cancers consume more resources of the body than they produce. Eventually the body dies. Same with a body politic and with a suicidal religion.

The following is a list of entity/events in which quality is determined by the quantity of time, i.e., the morality of more time.

  1. Love: The quality of love is based on the quantity of time given by the lover to help solve the time-wasting problems of the beloved. Too often, love is camouflage for lust. Too often, love is a worthless, emotional check drawn on an empty, lying bank account.
  2. Free speech: The quality of free speech is based on the time created or saved when that speech frees us from existing or potential time-wasting problems. The cliche of yelling fire in a crowded theatre shows the quality of free speech depending on the existence of a fire. If fire, people have increased freedom from injury or death. If no fire, then  the time loss of more injuries and/or deaths.
  3. Rights: We all have rights but some actions are more rightous than others. Before the law we should all have equal rights (14th Amendment), However, in personal interaction with our world, some are more right than others in avoiding, preventing or correcting what is wrong. And, what is a wrong? Like a problem, a wrong is something that wastes time.
  4. Bill of Rights that tolerates or encourages igknowance is a bill of wrongs. We need a Bill of Responsibility to encourage people to respond to their ability in solving time-wasting problems.
  5. Free will: All have free will but some will freedom from time-wasting problems better than other free-willies. Would you want an uneducated person to use his free will to operate on your heart? Or, a trained surgeon?
  6. Work Ethic: All have the work ethic, the quality of which depends on one's worktime solving time-wasting problems. A doctor has a greater work ethic than a homeless person doing what homeless people do. Sports players do not have a work ethic. They have a play ethic or a play pathos as they waste the time of the masses, worsened by the climate cancer gatherings called "games."
  7. Happiness: The quality of happiness depends on the quantity of one's time-saving actions for others. Saving a drowning person does not have the quality of saving a sinking ship filled with thousands of people. Of course, a sadistic terrorist happily sinking a ship may smile and laugh, but the quality of happiness is negative.
  8. CheeriOs: All sex ends equally but extended foreplay intensifies the intimacy. (If sex was not so enjoyable we would not have over-population nor climate change: 90% of pregnancies are unplanned by-products of the nasty. Each new mouth to feed increases inflationary pressure and annually necessitates four tons of CO2. In 2023, there are daily 350,000 new by-products of cheeriOs. Over-population is killing our future. The global serial killer is our genitalia.)
  9. Free things: The quality of a free thing is the time cost in owning the free thing. The Japanese have a saying that the most expensive things are first free. A free car that requires constant repairs soaking up one's paycheck is not a free car. Likewise, free love too often becomes the $300,000 cost of raising a free baby.
  10. All politicians are crooked, but some are more crooked than others based on the quantity of time that they steal or waste of our current time (income) as taxes.
  11. All parental rights are equal rights but some parents are more right more often.
  12. All Faiths are equally baseless while faith in Mother Nature is reasonable. One cannot reason with Faith or fools.
  13. Religious Freedom is quantified by its increasing or decreasing the adherents' freedom from time-wasting problems. Religious extremists cause religious enslavement to social, economic and politial chaos. The Ten Commandments (all 24 versions) boil down to one imperative: Thou shall not waste time. Please, act to create or save more time, not less time in self and others, aka, the morality of more time. The meaning of life: Be a timeful creator not a timeless cancer.
  14. The truth will set you free based on the time value of the truth, e.g., yelling fire in a crowded theatre.
  15. Truthyism elevates one's less-truths from whole lies into whole lies.
  16. Opinions are answers based on incomplete and/or corrupt information with time value from zero to 99%. Conclusions are 100% facts.
  17. All gut reactions are equal but some guts are more educated than others.
  18. All fools are equal but some are more foolish than others. Why? Time value.
  19. Survival of the fittest: The survival of the most time creative.
  20. The average speed of light is constant but the individual frequency speed of light is an epiphenomenon of the rotational speed and precession angle of the basic particle.
  21. All basic particles are equal in quantum physics, but, verily, they spin at different rates and precess at different angles from which "birds of the same feather flock together" to form the entities of existence as we know our world. The permutations of spin rates and precession angles are endless.
  22. Stability and Survival: Time is the thread in the fabric of life ... the gravity of existence.

The common denominator in qualifying the above common concepts is the creation or destruction of time, aka, the morality of more time. This dichotomy is expressed in the cliche that "one is either part of the problem (time-waster) or the solution (time-creator/savor)." Problem-solving or problem-prevention parallels one's relevant education to the problem. A trained doctor is better than a high school drop-out in helping you with your health problems.

A society that does not want to self-destruct should encourage rather than discourage education of facts, not falsehoods. If enough good people do not act then the evil of book banning and burning will destroy their freedoms from problems.

Igknowant people (those who choose not to know) triumph because they organize better than the liberals, e.g., Nazi Germany and Bolshevik Russia.  Liberals self-defeatingly think all people are eventually reasonable. This blindness precludes their aggressivley countering organized igknowance. Organized igknowance trumps unorganized knowers. In other words, Trump's Republicans will defeat do-nothing Democrats.

"Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it."

"Of course, we are busy. But, what are we busy at?"

"Ninety percent of success is being on time."

Santayana ... Thoreau ... Allen