Freedom Means Free Things

Everyone wants something for nothing except for the wise man. Why? Free things are paid for in other ways that incur higher costs than if the "free" thing was directly purchased.

Consider the expression, Freedom is not free. People want to be free and to have freedom. Engrained in this "freedom" mentality is people wanting something-for-nothing. People think they are entitled to free things, e.g., free healthcare and free pensions. It is amazing how most people will say that they have paid for social security and medicare when the fact that these two trust funds are running out of money indicates under- rather than full-payment. People have not paid for the public and private pensions they have been promised and will not have pensions. People have been greedily gullible in thinking they could get more money out of a healthcare or retirement system than they put in.

As people realize they have no healthcare and pensions, their concern will shift to having less and less food because they lived as a scumnut , that is, thinking they could get something-for-nothing. More and more people are learning the meaning of the Japanese proverb that the most expensive things in life are first free , e.g., free parking, free love, free drugs, free software and free financial advise.

The only things free in life are true love and final death. Ignorance is not free. It is one of the most expensive gifts that one can give to one's self.

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