Rights: Logic versus Legal

Derived from Latin Legere/Legein

  1. Logic applies to an action that creates time like gathering legumes, the origin of the Latin word for logic.
  2. Logical actions solve or prevent problems, to make right wrongs, to eliminate or reduce time loss from problems.
  3. Legal: Laws reflecting logic if 100% translation of logic into legal laws.
  4. Optimal Morality (more time) when legalities reflect logic.
  5. Optimal currency and democracy when legalities reflect logic.
  6. Existentially, one has a right when an action will create, save or free time. Legal actions which cause problems are not rights but are wrongs.
  7. Existential, eternal rights are not defined by politicians. The rights are either enshrined and enforced or abused and ignored. When corrupt, habitual polticians are in office then many legal rights are moral wrongs.
  8. One only has a right when the action will create, save or free time. Thus before one acts, one has a duty to question and assess that action for its time consequences, that is, whether action creates or destroys time, that  is, whether one is part of solution or problem.
  9. The rule by law which is not grounded in the logic of rights to create time and to correct wrongs is a cancerous "rule by law" for citizens will steal from themselves and their future.

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