Freedom of the Press

Like so many other uses of freedoms, freedom of the press must be measured in whether the ink on the rag leads to more freedom from problems and to the righting of wrongs. The radical papers of the U.S. South prior to 1860's were not examples of freedom of the press. They advocated not only preservation of slavery in existing states but introduction into new states and re-introduction into states that had abolished slavery.

Two trends in recent decades indicate a decline in whether humanity has more or less freedom from the press.

  1. Consolidation of mass communication into the hands of fewer and fewer decision-makers who are members of the corporate world, and,
  2. Increase in human problems.

Corporate journalism has increasingly focused on using mass communications to entertain us to death rather than educate us to live. Mediacs justify gutter shows with the claim, "This is a democracy. We give people what they want." I'm sure they give their children and grandchildren pot, crack and heroin. Look at the content of television, radio and iPods.

Corporate media moguls are interested in quick money rather than long-term morality. They are moneytheists . They foster the economy of wants, wastes and lies when the primary moral imperative requires a 100% economy for living.

One of the ironies that should open the eyes of the average person is the constant chant of "liberal media." Excuse me, the media is not owned by liberals but by conservatives. This chant is a false flag operation to distract the unquestioning viewer or listener from who controls the messages of the media. Is it logical to think the major network anchors are going to champion common causes that would end their annual double-digit million dollar salaries. But, has America grown or declined in the tenures of recent network anchors. The media is partially to blame for the existential meltdown. Some thump their chests at how many people they have interviewed. Excuse me, real prostitutes interview more people without pretending their thumping or humping is more than just that. Given the lack of integrity in all problem-solving institutions, interviewing any "expert" is no achievement.

The sufficiently educated person will see the "red herrings" to discredit liberalism where corporate talking heads equate unliberal dogma as the liberal agendas. It is amazing the amount of corporate propaganda on NPR. Oh, the mediacs play the sob stories, proclaim "reality" shows and offer the "making a difference" piece. Television echos the self-limiting attitude that if one complains about a problem then one has done one's job to self, family and community. This ignores how solving problems requires four steps: define, prescribe, organize and motivate. Complaining, at best, is only the first step. On TV, the glorification of complaining without resolution is without equal in the four decades of " 60 Minutes ."

As the pre-1860 radical Southern papers were not examples of freedom of the press nor are today's papers which advocate more financial enslavement of the working massses by a paper-playing fewer few. Sadly, as more and more people slide into the dungeons of lost dreams, they will become virtual victims of a financial Stockholm Syndrome, to wit,

  1. "Maybe if I agree with those who have terrorized my pension and savings then they will give me freedom," or,
  2. "Maybe if I make the strongest chains they will give me freedom," or,
  3. "Maybe if I burn more corpses they will let me out of the concentration camp," or
  4. "Maybe if I remove my claws the farmer will let me marry his a daughter." [Said Aesop's lion whereafter the farmer clubbed the clawless lion to death.]

In the final analysis, however, the individual must accept his personal blame in allowing himself to be hoodwinked into believing he could get something for nothing . In the end, all play and no politics makes Jack and Jill desperate, destitude and demised. The only person who gets something for nothing is a beloved child or a legal/illegal thief. The predominance of the mainstream media in pushing the corporate lines is not freedom of the press but enslavement from the press.

The wild-west internet does not have the editorial honesty of olden days. A new form of freedom of the press is needed by which the best problem-solvers can have the headlines to share their solutions to real problems. That form is the future brainbee of timism.

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