Human Worth:

Absolute or Relative?

I cried because I had no shoes until I saw the man who had no feet.

What is one's human worth? Can it be established independent of other human beings? Yes. Timism provides the means for a morality of human worth that, like the lifehour, transcends the boundaries of nations and centuries. That morality is the morality of more time.

Who is worth more? The cancer doctor or the serial murderer? These are extreme exampes of how one can creates and destroys time. In an abosolute sense, the doctor's human worth is quantifiable in lifehours saved.  Let's say a doctor's clock hour value is ten lifehours. The murderer's clock hour would be negative, depending on how many years he had lived and the lifehours denied the deceased.

What if the physician is a Dr. Jeckel or Dr. Mengeles? Then the calculation becomes more complicated. Likewise with the absolute and relative human worth of a person. Absolutely, for two doctors of equal skill and service, the doctor who works five days a week is five times more valuable than the doctor who works one day a week. In simple numbers,

What if the physicians are of equal skill and service, and both work the same number of hours each week. Might one have more human worth than the other? Yes, this is the more important relative human worth of an individual. Who doctor do you admire more:

  • the from a long line of doctor who never had to work a day to achieve his MD, or,
  • the first in the family doctor who worked many non-medical jobs to earn his MD?

The second has a higher relative human worth, for the cost of his education was less to humanity. If two MDs of equal profession service have different cost of education in personal human time, the one with the better ratio has the higher relative human worth. The doctor who did not work to earn his degree has 100% relative human worth. The doctor who paid for his education has a 200% relative worth. Who do you admire and respect more? Who would you rather have as your doctor? Your neighbor? Your friend?

The latter question points to an important human variable in relationships. While we all would like to have more money, bigger houses and longer vacations, we all know people with these goals that we would not have as a neighbor or friend. Why is it that we reject people with large absolute worth? Because their relative human worth is less than 100%. This understanding should be a foundation upon which one shapes each day at home, at work and in between.

  1. The doctor versus the nurse.
  2. The stay-at-home versus supermom. Supermoms do not have the relative human worth ... long-term impact ... lost humanity ... modern home ... unprofitable life.
  3. The mom-and-pop proprietors versus dotcom MBA. (Calvin Cooleridge)
  4. The waitress versus the human resource director
  5. The average worker versus the average CEO
  6. The grandma versus the counselor
  7. The groundpounder versus the political general
  8. The mongoloid dishwasher versus the average heir
  9. The community servant versus the 24/7 dollar-chaser:
  10. The nigger rigger versus the election rigger: Habitual politician: with nothing ... Nigger Riggers: Election Riggers The entrepreneurial spirit inspired by America's better level of democracy and capitalism has resulted in getting the most for less. The average American ... The Nigger Rigger Credo best describes the Can Do Spirit of all immigrants who build America. ( God's Best Diamonds )
  11. The common sensor verus the walking encyclopedia: Private versus public school.
  12. The home versus the average economist.
  13. Tiger and Michael. My heros have a high relative worth. Ironically, they are sports heros. Woods, Jordan, Johnson, Sosa and McGuire. It has nothing to do with the money or fame, but the focus. Behind them works many unsung heros who are
  14. Philantrophic Absentee Fathers versus  Poor Stay at Home Dads.
  15. Harvard Degree versus state college diploma ... Gentleman's C or Middle class ... community college ... close harvard ... If Harvard closed down ... To those who might view this criticism as sour grapes, where are the Harvard grads that define rather than refine? Harvard is a pimple of symbolism for a world over-obsessed with symbolism. Like the Nobel Prizes, humanity would benefit if Harvard was no more.
  16. Southern Hospitality and Eternal Humanity: Like Lincoln said of the person didn't want to own slaves but hoped to: ... Likewise the nasty attitude of southern hospitality pervades those without the FFV pedigree generating a harder life because of the harsh lies embodied in Southern Hospitality.
  17. Prositute working mom versus mistress of the modern home.
  18. The lamplighter versus George Bush, President of United States... Martine Luther's statement. the lights are going out and we won't see them lit again in our lifetime. Energy Addict and Election Addics ... Dealers: Drug, Energy, and Election
  19. Person NUBS
    • Abdicate Humanity
    • Bus of poors than suburbs of middle class
    • Modern home
    • Suburbs
    • Tragedy of 20th Century
    • Insecure/Comfort/Scaredy Zone
    • Rather have a working, single-mom in the inner city than a suburban supermom of a two-wage earning family.
  20. Universal  respector and enjoyer of humanity versus the database matcher.

Timistic value of a human being is in two sense: Absolute and relative. Einstein's theory of realtivity.

Application of the basic timistic principle: Time is relation of energy to matter. Relativity is relation  Time is the relation of energy to matter.
It is only relative when energy-matter transactions are compared.

Time is the relation of energy to matter. It is only relative when energy-matter transactions are compared, of relevance only to the comparer. If this is anathema, there is no need to read further.

  • Absolute: One
  • Relative:

Which is greater human achievement: Richard Cory? Unknown salt of the earth. Graven Idols.

Comparing self to each year: Increasing self-worth ... better problem-solver ... helping others ... don't chase false gods ... observe the civil trinity.

A wise person re-inspects and chooses his friends basesd on the relative human worth rather than there absolute worth. That is why a person who is fortunate to have both a high absolute and high relative wealth will have friends from the bottom to the top of the absolute wealth scale. An unwise or lazy person will use the absolute human wealth scale and/or not re-inspect their friends. Cheap values yield cheap friends and cheap happiness.

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