Thou Shall Not Steal: Periodicity

A claim for timism is that it is the periodic table of existence. Analogies are drawn to the discovery and elaboration of the periodic table of elements in chemistry. One area of periodicity is the theft of time. Thieves pay for their thefts by living lifestyles that are ultimately unsustainable like a biological cancer.

When Dmitri Mendeleev presented the world with the periodic table of elements, significant and rapid scientific achievements ensued. However, the alchemists were not happy with the obvious truths readily evident to anyone who would look at the periods of atomic weights, melting points and boiling points. A lot of alchemic claims were patently impossible.You couldn't make gold from lead. Likewise with timism and theft. A lot of thieves will not like the obvious revelation of their stealing. Many newly recognized theives will adopt the bank robber attitude: I know it is wrong, but if you try to stop me I will kill you. Less violent bank robbers--embezzlers--will try to use the legal laws passed by corrupt politicians to excuse and keep their massive thefts--Enron.

Thou shall not steal? Some theft recognition is long-standing and codified. Most people recognize that the theft of goods and services as wrong. Most wrongs can be reduced to and quantified in the theft of time.

  • Thou shall not kill recognizes that murder is the total theft of another's time.
  • Thou shall not enslave recognizes that enslavement is near total theft of another's time.
  • The theft of goods and services is the theft of the time the rightful owner worked to possess this property before wronged by thief.

Less well appreciated but nonetheless the theft of time are workhogging, inheritance and legal privileges.
Theft Time stolen Compensation or Consequences
Money Time worked to own goods and services Full or fuller payback if petty crime.
Partial or no payback if politically privileged.
Murder Total time of victim Victims receive any book or movie rights from murderers' accounts of crime.
Slavery Near total time of enslaved Reparations from specific oppressors.
Rape Subsequent time as family and community member Politically determined
Eronitis Theft of worktime (past, present and future) Politically Incorrect. Congress passed law in 1996 privileging corporate executives from personal responsibility for corporate misdeeds.
Workhogs Another's time and right to the pursuit of happiness None. Workweek limit needed.
Time of those fooled into putting money into inflationary bubbles. System Dies, in part or whole.
OPEC Oil Overpriced Economic and environmental ruin.
Cancers Time of other parts of total system to support under-producing, over-consuming part of system. System Dies
Inheritance Time of those not given free time. Inheritance allows progeny to enslave others' time to work for the progeny while denying goods and services to those who work. Broader theft under the Bush elimination of inheritance taxes. Descendants are beneficiaries or accomplices. Economy dies
Unearned Income
Half theft
Flattery, Self/Others

Observations and conclusions:

  • Any time a person receives time that he did not personally create, he is a thieve, accomplice or beneficiary.
  • Any time the time created in a human interaction is not split equally according to the golden mean (true profits), a theft has occurred.
  • Toleration, acceptance or ignorance of theft leads to systemic collapse with all parts suffering or dying.
  • The theft of time is like the difference between murder and manslaughter. Dead is dead.



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