Dynamic Density: Overview and Index

Dynamic density describes ability of an entity to monitor its environment and react to it to optimize its time, stability or survival. The denser the dynamic entity, the more information/intelligence it can process in a unit of clock time. Inherent in the density is an awarenes of not only the current external environment but similiar ones in the past, that is, processing memories.

Levels of existence and dynamic density

  1. Physics: Gravity
  2. Catan/Metabolism/Biology: Life
  3. Mentality: Development of and coordination of the senses. Specifically for this level it is also called iCube (integrity of intellect and intelligence). Timism derived from work in undergraduate school on how the brain/mind processed information, e.g., Rate of Integration (ROI).
  4. Economics: Family or group units anticipating the seasons to optimize survival.
  5. Politeness: For economic neighbors, policy-makers delineating policies that are optimal forward missives, that is, common promises or compromises. When politicians make good policy then the polity in the polis will be polite without police or pollution.
  6. Morality: An understanding of time to optimize, stabilize and harmonize all of existence for eternity.

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