Rivers of Stability: Overview and Index

The items of existence from the lowest complexity to human physiology and astrophysics are dynamic systems with parts constantly switching in and out. A simple, obvious example is a river which as a whole does not appear to be different despite water molecules coming and going through different processes, e.g., rainfall, evaporation, and groundwater. River of Existence is a timistic process universal to all dynamic systems at all levels of timism.

  1. Morality (more time)
    1. A religion remains the same over the years or centuries, Catholic Church, despite how the flocks fluctuate every Sunday and despite how church policy-makers come and go, e.g., Pope John XXIII. The composition and distribution of a church membership changes but yet the church is viewed as being the same church. Over the years, members are born and die with new faces in the pulpit, confessionals and bedrooms but the church is still the same.
    2. Every new published version of the Bible is the Word of God even though parts differ and disagree with previous compiliation of God's word by greedy, political translators with hidden agendas, e.g., "I" know what is best for you when it comes to God's true meaning with you. Tithe me for my service to you. To the logical earthling the multiple self-samed apples and oranges of God's Word is another example of the funny math of the illogical aliens , e.g., three Gods are the same time one God. The funny math of Sunday mornings embolden Christian businessmen to practice it on Main Street and Wall Street with logical reductio absurdum: economic, social and business collapse. No matter how much or to whom one prays, one cannot get something for nothing, e.g., money makes money. Rather, one person's creative funny paper is really a cancerous theft from others today, elsewhere or elsetime.
  2. Politeness
    1. A government remains the same over years or centuries, e.g., United States of America, despite how every session of an elected body considers different issues and despite how every election introducing new policy-makers
  3. Ecosnomos
    1. An economic unit whether family, city, state, nation or global remains the same despite the births and deaths of individual humanity.
    2. World floating bank funds.
  4. Mentality
    1. A mental entity remains the same despite changing thoughts, emotions and motivations over the years.
  5. Catan
    1. Ships of Theseus
  6. Spinbarism
    1. tiems in and out.
    2. FRQ clusters with water in and out

Getting to know you:

  1. Analogies
  2. Items of existence that are constantly changing components while maintaining the general, derived form and function.

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