Levels of Existence with Disciplines

The following table outlines the threads of time inherent in the fabric of existence. Inherent? Yes, all of the lasting disciplines developed as systems that quantify and qualify time.

Traditional Fields Timistic Level Threads Synopsis


Physics, Chemistry Mass Spinbarism: Particle Time Einstein time dimension and relativity ... catalysts Flotilla
Life/Metabolism Catan: Cell Time Catabolic/Anabolic ... Enzymes ... Krebs cycle
Consciousness Mentality: Personal Time Problems waste time ... Time-awareness and Self-sensing (youth, senility) ... proud/pride ... flattery
Economics Ecosnomos: Home Time Time is money ... currency ... profits ... inflation ... division of labor
Politics Politeness: Public Time When politicians make good policy the polity in the polis will be polite without police.
Values Morality: More time Temple, tempo, commandments, religions, heaven